Sunday, December 21, 2014

Alan Gottlieb to surface on Armed American Radio.

Why is this man smiling? Alan Gottlieb, Washington state's own Neville Chamberlain in a bow tie.
David Codrea reports that Alan Gottlieb will be on Mark Walters' Armed American Radio tonight at 8:00 PM Eastern. From Walters' blurb:
"Alan Gottlieb updates on his travels and latest news of defiance out of Washington State against the new law."
"Latest news of defiance. . ." Hmm. The only "defiance" I saw while in Washington state was from Gavin Seim's band of brothers and sisters at the "I Will Not Comply" rally, which Gottlieb and his friends and associates (as well as the NRA) either denounced in advance or ignored.
Now I have no conduit into the mind of Mark Walters, but were I in his position here are some questions I would have for the man:
1. The I Will Not Comply rally of armed civil disobedience at the state capitol in Olympia last weekend was an apparent success -- the state police said there were at least 1,800 people in attendance and Mike Vanderboegh, one of the speakers, estimated it at 2,000. What did you think of the rally, its purpose of armed civil disobedience to I-594, and why did you not attend or endorse it?
2. Mike Vanderboegh as I noted in the first question was one of the speakers. He said the loss of I-594 happened, because of failures on the gun rights side. (And here I would play the snippet from my speech that goes as follows. The text is here.) --
"Petty jealousies, touchy egos and cynical jockeying for position lost the political fight against I-594. The NRA did the minimum required to convince their members that they were doing something without really doing something because they did not want to ally themselves with Alan Gottlieb. For his part, Alan Gottlieb seemed happy to have NRA cede the battlefield to him for he would claim the credit for the history. ONLY ONE THING HAPPENED, THEY DIDN’T WIN. They lost. WE lost. And now we are here because grown men and women acted like jealous children. But it is time to cease acting like children. Because of our own failures it is time to stand up and act like adults. This is not a game with no consequences, and merely played for points. This is deadly serious. this is as serious as it gets. And as my friend David Codrea says, it is time for any chair in a bar fight – regardless of who gets the credit afterwards."
Were I Walters I would then ask: "How do you respond to Vanderboegh's charge? Do you concede that mistakes of judgment were made by you and the NRA in the campaign against 594? Wasn't your own backing of a competitive measure a dilution of energy, money and resources that actually helped the success of I-594?
3. In the past, after Sandy Hook, you were willing to make compromises on background checks "in order to prevent something worse." You have announced that you will be lobbying the WA legislature to achieve changes in I-594. What are those, exactly?
4. Finally, the "I Will Not Comply" folks have announced that they will be having a background-check-free gun show in June on private property to deliberately violate I-594 once again. How do you fell about another huge act of armed civil disobedience in your state? Will you participate? Or will you denounce it here tonight?
Whether Walters asks those questions or similar ones, be sure and tune in to find out what Chamberlain-in-a-bow-tie has to say for himself. The links are at David's site linked above.


Anonymous said...

None of this questions will be asked, much less answered.

Understand this. What this rally exposed is the actuality that the "gun rights organizations" are nothing more than fund raising scams. They WANT "compromises" because even the most ardent despot KNOWS that rights cannot be stolen away but that they can only trick fools into conceding them willingly.

One way this tricking is perpetuated is through a compliant and complicit media.

The "taking sides" that we are experiencing via REAL grassroots protests and contests is putting tremendous pressure on those with a mic and those with "barrels of ink". The historical record is made every day - and media folks can no longer ride a line or straddle a fence.

This is a great piece,mike, save one small point. Everywhere you write your name, I would rather see the 3% - simply to deny the picking of a target to freeze it. I understand this venue isn't exactly hostile territory like say Alan Colmes Show but let's face facts - were you confident that these questions (at least) were GOING to be asked - you wouldn't have had the inkling to write this in the first place.

Liberty minded folks HAVE GOT TO get it through their heads - NOBODY can defend your right to defend yourself FOR you. Each of us must stand to defend our own right - ourselves. Yes, we can stand shoulder to shoulder with one another, but we all must stand.

Mr Bow tie Has some 'Splainin to do - for sure- and what happens from here on in either proves "journalists" worth in salt. Either they makes end roads toward explanation by asking the questions or they join the ranks of those with 'splainin to do. Note to journalists - it's a lot easier to ask honest questions than it is to give honest answers - a lot easier consequences exist when siding with honesty first.....

Anonymous said...

The Chamberlin reference is so apt - basically decent man deluded enough to beileve that Evil can be negotiate and compromised with.

The only outcome is that Evil has an easy win.

Much more of that and only blood will be left with which to pay the Butcher's Price.


Tom W. said...

Listening right now, I reckon supporters/sponsors of AAR get a pass as I hope the Crossbreed Studio has plent of Kleenex to wipe the brown off their collective noses.

Best intentions watered down by nothing more than statist bureaucrats. Hitorically speaking, I miss tar and feathering.