Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Gun owners fear Maryland cops target them for traffic stops

Stories pile up but police say searches are legal
Don't worry about this. According to a reader who commented on another post, they've got everything under control in Maryland and don't need anymore help.
(See also: "The Heavy Lifter.")


Anonymous said...

All the stops are 100% kosher - according to the in-house reviews by MSP. Imagine that.

If for some currently unknown reason I were to drive through any portion of Maryland I will DAMNED sure make certain my CHL and guns are WELL AND TRULY hidden and That I am especially careful how I drive.

Anonymous said...

Of considerably more interest to me is the "how" do MD cops know who's carrying and connect that to a vehicle they're driving ? That the system has flaws is recounted in the tale of an unarmed FL CCW that was ambushed and his family terrorized at roadside . And, since this MD pogrom isn't apparently restricted to only handguns, one has to wonder what effect its having on MD's inn-season tourism business. >Jeff

Anonymous said...

I am a refugee from MD. My family still live there. One of my main reasons for leaving....The too onerous to ignore raft of S*(% laws that O'malley passed in the wake of Newtown. I have a CCW in the state I moved to. Every time I drive back to see my parents I sweat getting pulled over. I have been shaken down by the police in Baltimore...Don't trust MD cops. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

Better off sticking you're hand in a bag of venomous snakes... Than trusting in L.E.O.'s on a local, state ,federal level. They have a we vs. them[Citizen], mentality. The thin blue line is suspect and beyond trust... To them they are the masters and the citizen is the slave. According to CSP LT.P. Vance... The oath to Preserve the Constitution, from all enemy's foreign ,or domestic, is merely window dressing. Pure and simple. Behind Enemy Lines. In Unconstitutional. Collectivist ,Ct. We Will Not Stand Down. AAA/O. 11B20.

Anonymous said...

We have long since reached the point that if you own guns, the policeman is not your friend. Most of them will do whatever they are told to do at roll call.

If they kick in your door and you have a gun in your hand, they will try to kill you, no matter that you might not have known who it was, and they will get away with it. Tax dollars will pay the out of court settlement to your survivors, and they will continue to live and have a job while your family mourns your death by those "sworn" to protect you.

RIP Jose Guerena, USMC. This man survived Iraq to be gunned down in his own home for the crime of having a gun in his hands when they kicked his door in. They lied and said he shot at them, yet his weapon was recovered still on safe. His killers walk free.

The correct response to any forcible entry is a full mag dump into the funnel from cover. Pistol calibers are a bad idea for this purpose, they don't penetrate soft armor, which a lot of bad guys have these days. ;)

Be prepared.


Anonymous said...

just start shooting them -- see NYPD big bad boys? they just stop doing their jobs 'cause they're actual chickens, not choking a 300 # fat guy to death on a sidewalk. Getting tired of cops all together...I don't care if they all got shot.

Anonymous said...

Couple of dead cops will stop this silliness. The story also points out the drawback of getting a carry permit.