Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Order in Dobyns case highlights government motion that even confuses judge

“Don’t form conclusions just yet because so much of what has taken place behind the scenes is not fully exposed or understandable,” Dobyns cautioned supporters about Monday’s development. “Additional proceedings will reveal that. Trust that justice is being served. My battle is not close to being over.”

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Anonymous said...

What today's pathetic excuse for a government calls "due process" (the judicial process) is actually a punishment all its own. Innocent or guilty, the cost of litigation, partly due to endless stalling, whether that's monitary or not, is far beyond the means of the average Joe six pack.

Right to a speedy trial eh? Trial by jury? Who needs a jury when it's years and years to reach a jury, more years and more years to reach appeals "jurors" that aren't peers but instead appointed, unaccountable judges - only to end up at SCOTUS where the RIGHT to redress can be ignored, dismissed and denied without explanation or taken and decided by five people so far removed from regular society that much of America COULDNT name even one of them if their life depended on doing so.

Push that right to trial by jury through "incorporation" and watch this corrupt ass judiciary crumble under the weight of its manufactured contrivances.

Think of it this way - to get an ACTUAL answer out of the judiciary, it takes a full ten years for "due process" to play out (hundreds of thousands of dollars at the minimum). That's one seventh of the average LIFESPAN of today's human beings (and more than most profit their entire adult lives).

And this is something ANYONE can HONESTLY claim is JUSTICE? Seriously?

I am ashamed by my fellow Citizens who continue to turn a blind eye to what's happened and happening to this nation.