Monday, December 8, 2014

'I'm the bane of' Boehner's 'existence.' Issa tells a lie.

Examiner: Did he ever ask you to ease up a little bit? Issa: No. The speaker has asked me to work with other committees, and I have. He’s asked me to sort of work on a timeline that allows the other committees a little bit to do — that kind of coordination. He’s never asked me to abandon an investigation. He’s never shut me down.
I happen to know that that is a lie when it comes to the FBI participation in the Fast & Furious scandal. Boehner shut that down damned quick, according to my sources. Also according to my sources, Boehner was blackmailed by the FBI to achieve that result.


Anonymous said...

I am oft accused of being "progressive" and "liberal" for this truth says its a LIBERTY position resting it's laurels on Constitutional Republic principals.

The scenario Mike described is muted and mooted when government is disallowed the ability to operate in secrecy. When we can SEE what we PAY for, folks can't blackmail one another or tell lies about their activities.

Fair enough, militarily speaking alone, there is merit in operational security and secrecy prior to execution of operations. However, open records after the fact must apply to that instance as well.

Nothing creates honesty more than truth exposed for all to see. And nothing creates more truth than the knowledge that honesty prevailing is the standard by which a moral society lives.

Our society is immoral and dysfunctional this day because lies deception and general dishonesty are not only tolerated but also embraced (means to an end alongside ends justify the means). Marxism is sexy on paper I suppose....

The silent speaker is as much a liar as the usurper of the Oval Office. Issa, a peer in putrid and pathetic process, cannot recieve a free pass.

Irony you say? Issa made his initial fortune on car alarms - units that blew the whistle LOUDLY when theft (a base corruptive force) was being attempted - all in attempt to stop the attempted theft.

Issa sold his soul. If he ever really had one. As he faces his own mortality while he ages, I hope the crushing weight of the knowledge that he will answer to his maker for his actions burdens him to the point of buckling his knees.

Repent Issa. Tell the Truth Issa. For like Obama himself, even those who held so much hope for you now see clearly that the liar you've become.

Anonymous said...

Proposed 28th amendment:

If any elected federal office holder, anyone in a federal civil service position, or any associated staff person or representative of the above, or anyone seeking to be elected to or placed in said positions, knowingly utters a demonstrably false or misleading statement intended to mislead the American people on any subject related to current or proposed policy or legislation, said person shall forfeit said position including any salary, wages, pension, or fringe benefits payable from the Federal Treasury retroactive to such time as said person attained said position.

Anonymous said...

Looks like there is more than a little truth to the saying the way to know when is lying is if their mouth is moving. Never let a politician pat you on the back - unless you are wearing body armor.

Anonymous said...

"Blackmailing" Boehner is the "Dot" that connects his "rolling over on ObamaCare, Immigration and The Budget after a resounding majority of Mid Term 2014 voters said STOP THIS NOW.

Anonymous said...

Boehner ,Issa may be two of the guys Barney Frank threatened with disclosure. Impeachment suddenly became censure. Many District of Criminals Politicians frequented Barney Franks call boy stables. But the list never got out. Its a shame or is it a sham. That they all have something bad to hide. Politicians and dirty diapers need to be changed often. Behind Enemy Lines/Collectivist/Ct. We Will Not Stand Down. AAA/O.11B20.

Anonymous said...

Theatre. Massive deception.