Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Coverage of the Olympia armed civil disobedience rally -- scattered, but the collectivists noticed it.

Over 1,000 Gun Owners Violate Washington’s I-594 - In Front Of Police!
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Anti-Government Leader Promises 'Second Amendment Remedies' To Washington Background Check Law
Vanderboegh, who gave a notorious speech at the Bundy ranch promising “civil war on a vast scale,” was similarly unrestrained in his remarks to the Olympia rally, calling supporters of the background checks initiative “domestic enemies of the Constitution” and suggesting that “Second Amendment remedies” may be necessary to combat them if political negotiations fail. Promising to “win this or die trying,” Vanderboegh warned that “when democracy turns to tyranny, the armed citizenry still gets to vote! So be careful what you wish for or you may get it.”
Pro-gun nuts mark Sandy Hook by blaming mass shooting on gun laws


Backwoods Engineer said...

I wish I still had a proxy service. I won't sully my computer by clicking that Prog-commie site. Thanks for standing up, Mike. You sure seem to have put all the right people's panties in a bunch.

Richard said...

Mike, don't know if you're aware of this coverage...