Sunday, December 2, 2012

Praxis: SAPI plate problems.

ESAPI Plates.
"Deadly Defects Detected And Disposed Of."


Anonymous said...

The armor isn't defective, IT's cracked. More propaganda to demoralze the "bitter clingers". A Freefor gurrilla with an arm or leg blown off is just as dead as a man shot in the heart. Ditch the plates ,carry more ammo and a shovel (dirt/foxholes work the same way,they are free,and ya don't have to carry them). Why spend 600$ on somthing that defects the first time a rock hits it, that you then throw away ,and cannot replace. Learn to dig in people, unless you have a zillion dollars to spend.

Miles said...

But anon 7:33,

1,You can't carry a foxhole!
a, Plates make very good sense driving
b, Not everything that may come your way will always be HE.
c, You can't always depend having a place, dirt, or time to dig.

2,That bullet that hits that plate really didn't have your name on it.

3, I'll spend those $$ if it means another method in the golf bag that can save my life.

4, Oh, and these SAPI plates are a leetle more durable than you think, but even when they've been damaged, or shot, it begs the question of why not have more than one set? Maybe not as many spares as BDUs, LBE, mess kits, canteens and boots, but spares non-the-less. Can you say Logistics? I knew you could.

Anonymous said...

Made from 'ceramic' in China - figures!


Anonymous said...

There are plenty of affordable options out there for hard rifle plates including lined steel plates that are plenty effective vs non-AP type rounds.

Mission dictates equipment. Not every mission will call for a shovel, armor plates, or even a rifle at all. Act accordingly.

Anonymous said...

Miles not carrying the foxhole is the point. B. I prefer four legs to for tires. c.90% of all wounds come from frags,soft armor and a brain bucket cover that. C. "digging in" can be done damn near anywhere, and it has the benifit of making FLIR damn near useless( overhead cover + dirt)= no heat trace.2+3 If a bullet "has your name on it" and you are a gurrilla , you will treat it yourself (and walk away) or die. ANY wound so bad that you can't walk will be the end of you. I'm not rich and can't afford to spend money on something that cuts down the ammount of ammo food water I can move. And as for SAPI plates , The army just shitcaned 11 million of them cause they got droped in shipment. Logistics is what you have if you got a billion dollars. EVERYBODY ELSE has what you can carry on your back. If you can't carry it away ,Its not yours.--- Try this, Miles-- Put on your full kit ammo, food, water, wepons + armor-- now add one full unit of fire(one full day in contact PER WEPON) and one days food + water-- now try to hump that, on foot,cross country, 5 miles. Modern armys re-supply by air- we don't- so ether you stay home and guard the big green pile, or you carry what you can. E-tool=2 lb. SAPI vest =40+lb. that and I figger we lose the trucks on day one (we got no AAA) so If it gets sporty we are walkin'.

Osmium said...

These ceramics can be purchased in raw form quite easily and applied to the already legal kevlar vest through whatever method.