Sunday, December 30, 2012

Three in the head.

A story of old New York (not so long ago).


Anonymous said...

I grew up in the New York City this author describes. Without firearms my family and I had no means to defend ourselves against violent crime. When faced with armed robbery we were forced to submit. When faced with violent assault we were forced to run for our lives. When our neighbors were murdered they had no means to resist. Having grown up in a City overrun by crime I will not lay down my arms. I have seen what disarmament leads to. Street crime can be just as paralyzing and destructive as government tyranny. Senator Feinstein and President Obama can pass whatever laws they want. I will not register my rifles and I will not surrender them. I learn from the past and I will not be a victim again.

Anonymous said...

You "Fat fingered" the word HEAD and slipped an "r" into the head.