Monday, December 31, 2012

Proposing that anti-gun billionaires put a nice round target on their backs.

Tempting prosecution under the Law of Unintended Consequences again.
Benevolent Billionaires Should Buy Out Bushmaster.
Then there’s the problem of the 3,000 or so people Freedom Group employs. It does seem unfair for them to lose their jobs just because they help to make guns that kill people and animals. (Then again, maybe not.) Perhaps the moguls could also pony up for the cost of retraining these workers for other professions and for the cost of outplacement services.
Obviously, plenty of other companies would fill the manufacturing void left by Freedom Group’s demise. Yet the chance to eliminate from the face of the earth the largest gun manufacturer on the planet doesn’t come around very often, and presents those with exceptional means a rare opportunity to profoundly influence public policy in the current era of spineless amoebas inhabiting Washington.


Anonymous said...

I'm all for anti-Constitutional billionaires wasting their money.

On a related note, remember that hypocritical anti-gun video? Well, guess what a WHOIS search turns up for the registrar: Domains by Proxy.

This means whoever spearheaded this "grassroots movement" doesn't want to let us know their identity.

Strange, no?

luagha said...

Most rich people didn't get that way by throwing away money.

Anonymous said...

Let them buy up all the gun companies. New ones will just spring up and employ all those people, and if their product is good, they will become billionaires also. It is a legit business and will continue to be for now anyway, and then may move underground if guns become contraband. They are here to stay. Deal with it.

jon said...

i'm quite certain this wouldn't pan out the way he wishes.

at "best," a few thousand rifles get melted down and recycled -- cutting prices on the raw materials at the top of the production chain.

then, a massive pile of seed money gets transferred to people who know exactly what to do with those materials.

it's really just a roundabout way to give a company an interest-free loan, because it changes absolutely nothing about demand and nothing about the market.

what is more likely is a warehouse-clearing fire sale, temporarily driving prices down. but suppose you give me $1000 for each $800 rifle i have melted, and therefore the cost of production of a new rifle tomorrow drops from say $650 to $625.

i am going to immediately go right back into business offering rifles under the current market rate of $800. you've just paid me for the privilege of watching me nab a chunk of my competitors' market cap. i have plenty of operating funds from the $200 markup per rifle to start over without so much as a license for autoCAD to my name.

by all means, try to overpay and try to undersell! many fools have made these mistakes before.

SWIFT said...

Looks like conditions are ripe for a "cottage industry" in some basements around the country. Buy up available parts now.

Anonymous said...

Wishing you and your family a Happy New Year

Miles said...

Geez. The former owner and most of the former staff of Bushmaster, who didn't want to move, reopened the SAME original facility, changed the name to Windham Weaponry, and turn out a BETTER product than the current Bushmaster

Anonymous said...

"Strange, no?"

Not at all. A handful of Marxists and those they control are managing this whole thing and interestingly enough the taxpayer is footing the entire bill! Courtesy of Washington politicians and their media friends who protect them and promote them and their ideas and attack their enemies.

Oh yes, we musn't forget Hollywood either.

Anonymous said...

As for buying up parts?

I once saw a home made copy of the S&W model 76 9mm sub-machine gun that was produced by inmates, inside a prison. Functioned flawlessly at 1200 rpm, with no malfunctions.

Kinda really blows the whole point and purpose of gun control but then, this has never been about what they claimed it was.

They wish to follow the Soviet model with upgrades and realize that eventually somebody, probably many somebodies are going to object with more than just words.

Anonymous said...

I see you're threatening murder again, Mike, and I've reported it to the proper authorities.