Friday, December 28, 2012

After budget cuts reduce sheriff force, armed posse patrols Oregon county.

As financial and political breakdown continues, the face of the future.


Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

CSGV doesn't like this at all. They spit up their cud all over Facebook:

This is what the dissolution of democracy and the rule of law looks like... Self-appointed posse of a dozen men in O'Brien, Oregon help deny needed funding to sheriff's department, then arm themselves for vigilante patrols.

And Twitter:

They're not on their own. They refuse to give law enforcement the resources they need.

. . . and:

Sure they can afford it. They're making a choice not to pay for it, electing instead to take the law into their own hands.

. . . and:

They're reporting to themselves. And they've been quoted saying they won't fund the sheriff's office.

JP said...

Perhaps CSGV should investigate why they denied the new sheriff levies in Josephine county on the last vote. Since the state and feds won't let them cut timber, there isn't much money in the valley for much of anything. Any new industry they try to move in will just get taxed to heck like Facebook's data centers in Bend. Actually, Noveske is down there, and with the demand for ARs...

Anonymous said...

If the timber industry is down, there's no money. If there's no money, where are you going to raise taxes from? Sheesh, Libtards, for all there vaunted high-falutin' education, can be some of the DUMBEST people on the planet.

B Woodman

Paul X said...

"Policing expert Dennis Kenney, a professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City, says neighborhood watch efforts can be positive but turn into problems when volunteers "decide that instead of supplementing law enforcement, they are going to replace law enforcement. Then you cross potentially into vigilantism.""

Some policing expert. If you look into the history of vigilance committees it turns out the government alternative was worse, which was why the vigilance committees formed. They operated much more reasonably than is reported by the Ministry of Propaganda. See for example,