Saturday, December 29, 2012

High-Capacity Magazines Bill To Be Introduced By Democrats On First Day Of Congressional Session

We'll soon be able to guage the stiffness of GOP spines (or lack thereof).


Anonymous said...

They will try to lull is into a false sense of securuty by just introducing that stand alone Bill for a vote,with No firearms restriction's on it.That way they believe we won't put up much of a fight, thinking we can live with that and will go Back to sleep, believing that our Firearms are safe for another four years...Wrong! Then another government sponsored 'False flag" takes place within Ten day's of the magazine Ban vote and Obama issues an Executive order getting the rest of his list.

We ain't letting down our Guard and we certainly aren't turning in any Firearms or magazines regardless of what you statists/lefties pass.

bloodyspartan said...

The Time has come for US to issue them an Ultimatum.

Pass any more laws and it is war.
Enough of your lies and spending us and our children into oblivion.

All the while padding your nest and getting rich.
I am ready to do my duty as the Declaration obligates and demands.
Are You guys?

Anonymous said...

quote:"...we certainly aren't turning in any Firearms or magazines regardless of what you statists/lefties pass." unquote

Ain’t NOTHING gonna stop this train, other than full blown, out and out ..well, I bet you get my drift. Which given the percentage of brain dead ‘murican citizens whose only connection with reality is ‘Murican Idol..I’d say that idea is plain idiocy.
So..what are we left with, hmmmmm? Well, given the unbelievable jump in gun and mag sales since the school massacre, I’d submit at least a few hundred thousand people finally got the memo, which reads…

Dear America,
Pursuant to the authority vested in me, I hereby notify you that for all intents and purposes, your precious Constitution is now ashes. Fuck you. We are now declaring Marshal Law. As of this day, we will be confiscating every last gun, magazine, clip and bullet. Should you decide to exercise your so called 2nd Amendment “right”, be our guest. We have anticipated your reaction, and have responded in same. We will begin by asking our citizenry to submit their weapons peacefully en mass, to our authorized collection centers pursuant to our secret law, namely H.R.XXX.X, and will begin collection in every hamlet, town, city, and State immediately. All weapons shall be submitted no later than(redacted), whereby we will immediately begin a house to house search and seizure program per DHS armed collection squads. Be forewarned. Should you decide to not comply with our mandate, you will be subjected to the full force of Government authority to enforce our secret Laws, whereby, you will face permanent detainment per NDAA, rendering to foreign land, or death. Make no mistake.
Your cooperation with our program will help our nation stop the current rate of murders occurring within our borders and allow our citizens to again live peaceful fruitful lives. Our intent is honorable however frightening it appears to some. Long live Amerika, land of the ..umm….nevermind. Now get with the program or ELSE.

Commissar Feinstein"

It's only a matter of time. After yesterdays vote on re-upping the FISA and the 2013 NDAA ...the writing is on the wall.

Anonymous said...

Well, there isn't anything that can be related here that wouldn't get Mike thrown in jail for publishing sentiments that reflect the law of unintended consequences, a la Bill White. So I'll just say this and let it go at that (intended for ALL gun grabbers): phuque pheinstein.

Dave Narby said...

Show these petitions some love, and pass the links on...

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous 2:07 P.M.", Nice try. Your a "media matter's" lefty Hack,who is assigned to monitor any signs for resistance and try to stick a psychological dagger in it, to destroy our morale. It Ain't working! "Ain't NOTHING gonna stop this train"...PLEASE,give me a break! Do you guy's write your own material or does some commisar do it for you. 80 million Firearms owners and 300 million plus Firearms and you believe the American people are just going to roll over? Think again!