Monday, December 31, 2012

"Gun Nuts" -- Projection, deliberate and otherwise, amongst the hoplophobes. "The whole purpose being to defame the targeted group and further isolate them from the general population."

Psychological projection or projection bias is a psychological defense mechanism where a person subconsciously denies his or her own attributes, thoughts, and emotions, which are then ascribed to the outside world, usually to other people. Thus, projection involves imagining or projecting the belief that others originate those feelings.
Projection reduces anxiety by allowing the expression of the unwanted unconscious impulses or desires without letting the conscious mind recognize them.
An example of this behavior might be blaming another for self failure. The mind may avoid the discomfort of consciously admitting personal faults by keeping those feelings unconscious, and by redirecting libidinal satisfaction by attaching, or "projecting," those same faults onto another person or object. -- Wikipedia.
A thief will always suspect you of stealing from him and liar will doubt your honesty. But what are we to make of people who reject well-reasoned arguments by falling back on allegations of mental illness and latent criminality? A case in point is Joe Biden, for the New York Times warns us that Biden Is Back for a 2nd Run at Gun Limits.
Never much known for restraint, Joseph R. Biden Jr. did not hold back during a presidential primary debate in 2007 when a voter asking about gun rights in a recorded video displayed a fearsome-looking semiautomatic rifle and declared, “This is my baby.”
Mr. Biden, then a Delaware senator in a dark-horse bid for the White House, shook his head. “I tell you what, if that’s his baby, he needs help,” he said. “I think he just made an admission against self-interest. I don’t know if he’s mentally qualified to own that gun.”
The candidate’s blunt, dismissive remark cheered one side of America’s long-polarized debate about guns and alienated the other.
How many times have you personally been called a "gun nut" or had your sanity doubted by some hoplophobe? Personally, I've lost count. Once, when a guy called me crazy, I tired of the game and said, "Well, I'm still armed to the teeth so that just complicates your problem, doesn't it?"
What you must understand is that, for collectivists, projection is a part of psychological operations designed to shape the battlefield in their favor. From an essay entitled "What Soviet PSYOP Mirror Imaging Can Tell Us by James Melnich (found in Psychological Operations, edited by Air Force Colonels Frank Goldstein and Benjamin Findley, 1996):
Soviet propaganda was rife with allusions to the ultimate enemy, whether the enemy be world imperialism, Nazi storm troopers, supporters of SDI, Zionism, or religious activists in the Soviet Union. The ultimate enemy was usually portrayed as being antihuman and opposed to everything the Soviet Union stood for. For example, Zionism was defined as a "deadly enemy of the Soviet Union from its very beginning." There was usually a plurality of Soviet ultimate enemies, depending on the international situation. An ultimate enemy in Soviet propaganda was first dehumanized, then made part of an anti-Soviet worldwide conspiratorial network (i.e., Afghan freedom fighters became bandits fighting as agents of US imperialism; unofficial religious figures in the Soviet Union were linked with dark forces from abroad).
In attempting to describe the ultimate enemy, whoever and whatever that might have been at a given time, Soviet propagandists sometimes drew from actual Soviet acts of barbarism. Thus their disinformation, as a form of mirror imaging, reflected back into the pool of Soviet reality. For one example, I will draw from personal experience.
In the early 1980s, I met a Soviet emigre woman who was convinced that evangelical Christians in the Ukraine sacrificed babies by rolling them in barrels with spikes as part of some religious ritual. She, of course, had never witnessed such a thing, but said that she heard about these people when she lived in the Soviet Union. Obviously, she was the victim of very gross Soviet disinformation -- and there were other Soviet campaigns in which other religious groups were under attack by the state. One can find numerous articles accusing Soviet Baptists of drowning children or performing other dark and perfidious acts -- the whole purpose being to defame the targeted group and further isolate them from the general population.
Nevertheless, the matter of the spikes continued to bother me: why such a particular disinformation image? Where did it come from? Did a propagandist simply make it up out of thin air, or did it spring from some other source? I have no final answer to this question, but a year or so later, when I was reading Michael Voslensky's work, Nomenklatura: The Soviet Ruling Class, a particular passage leapt out at me. Voslensky, in quoting a 1920s account about the Cheka (the earliest forerunner of the KGB), recounted various Cheka methods of torture and execution of their victims. One such method was reported this way: "at Voronezh they put their victims naked in barrels spiked on the inside and rolled them." This account and recent Soviet disinformation against religious groups are separated by more than one-half century. Are they somehow related, or did later Soviet propagandists simply make up the recent vicious accusation out of thin air? One cannot be certain, of course, but I would posit this as a possible example of a mirror image projecdted out of the past. (Pages 192-194)
The thing to remember is that this is what all collectivists do. Here's a thought: what if the new "assault Weapons Ban" floated by Diane Feinstein is simply a disposable red herring in order to facilitate an attack on private sales through the back door of "mental health"? The thing is, if you believe Biden and Company, all us firearm owners are crazy.
Just keep in your memory Melnich's phrase: "The whole purpose being to defame the targeted group and further isolate them from the general population." It explains a lot of what you're hearing these days, is a classic collectivist tactic and explains a lot of the "projection" going on.


eddy3 said...

Makes perfect sense.

Anonymous said...

If they pass a gun law, ANY law WE FIGHT. They have allready killed any law that once protected them from us. What the left fears most is the day we get fed up with the bullshit and start burning them out. They think we are "gun nuts" because; WE DON'T WANT TO BE SLAVES. They don't belive in God, so they think that life at ANY cost is the only anser, that anyone that values freedom more than life is crazy.

bondmen said...

Thank you for explaining so clearly this concept of projection and guilt transference.
I run into this all the time when arguing with collectivist progressive socialists. They repeatedly attribute their failings and weaknesses and those things they hate most about themselves to me and those that think like me. I've found its common occurrence and practice most curious. Maybe these are the people with mental issues that we as gun owners should be most worried about.

Anonymous said...

I like it - batshit crazy and armed to the teeth!

Seriously, who in their right mind would attack people like that?



SWIFT said...

One need not go to the former Soviet Union to find examples of "projection", where a group uses propaganda to demonize/defame/isolate, a targeted group. One merely needs to pick up any of the propaganda being put out by the Homies/FBI, right here in America. We can see hundreds of examples in just the last few years. Ron Paul supporters, Constitutionalists, bumper stickers, pro-life, quoting the Bible and/or the Constitution, 9-11 inside job, gun-rights advocates, the list is endless. Who knows, the Soviets may have learned or refined their game from the FBI/Homies/Fusion Centers

David Forward said...

Gun "nuts" forged this country, first by defeating the most powerful military of the time and then by taming a vast wilderness. I'm proud to be labeled as an heir to that legacy...

Anonymous said...

The funny thing about that cartoon is that the shop owner looks exactly like that war criminal Henry Kissinger.

Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or does the gun salesman bear a striking resemblance to Kissenger?

ebola131 said...

Yeah, but we're still armed to the teeth.
Come and get em...if you have the stones.

Anonymous said...

I know a lot of gun owners fear back-door regulation by means of a mental health excuse. Still, mental health is THE big issue. We didn't have mass shootings before the de-institutionalization movement. As gun owners, we need to get out in front of the mental health debate and shape it so that mental health laws are effective yet contain due process. Start by taking a look at California PC 5150. It would have stopped the Batman shooter if it had been in place in Colorado. Conn passed a similar law, but implementation was blocked by the ACLU.

Ed said...

Of course the citizens of the United States are insane. They voted these clowns into office and do not insist that they follow their Oath of Office to follow the U.S. Constitution.

Anonymous said...

The real nut jobs are the people who think it is perfectly acceptable for the government to have the right to indefinitely detain and assassinate any US citizen based upon secret kill lists. The real nut jobs think it was ok for Obama to murder a 16 year old US citizen via drone strike because of who his father was.

The real nut jobs think murdering well over two thousand Pakistani civilians with drone strikes does anything other than create far, far more terrorists than it kills.

Who is the real nut job again?