Saturday, December 29, 2012

Schumer to Bushmaster gunmakers in 2011: “Knock on my door” if regulations become too burdensome

Hypocrisy once again personified.


Anonymous said...

Crony capitalism strikes again. Chucky is willing and eager to impose onorous regulations on the rest of the country, but ease the way for business (and potential cash re-election donor) in his district.
Hypocrisy, thy name is politician.

B Woodman

Joel said...

What's actually worse news is that it isn't really hypocrisy. Schumer isn't against guns, I'm sure he wants a healthy and thriving gun industry - and it might as well be in his bailiwick. He's just against you and me having guns. Cops, soldiers and VIP bodyguards will continue to need lots and lots of guns.

Anonymous said...

Charles Schumer is an embarrassment to all Jews with a love of liberty. He embraces the quisling life and mentality and would have been a jailer in the camps had he the opportunity.

Yank lll

jon said...

interesting that bushmaster specifically gets mention after each of these tragedies.

their headquarters is in north carolina. most of the other big AR manufacturers are in NY, CT, MA, IL.

crony capitalism indeed.