Friday, December 28, 2012

Kurt Hofmann: Local police chief continues to reject 'gun control' for public safety

Good man.


Anonymous said...

The latest link to the 3D printing guys in this article from Kurt should be updated.

These guys need to start making PMag style mag bodies considering the current political atmosphere.

Here's the link:

Badger said...

Chief Fitch was a brief fresh breeze and, yes, good man. Incorrect in one respect, if he assumes that there is no mechanism or desire to do exactly what he described: Door to door confiscation. Gotta play the movie all the way through. Good guy though and nice, factual words he used to reinforce that, again, the Wise Ones are not.

Ed said...

After reading this, here is a suggestion for a motivational poster.
With a picture a of a mob similar to the one that chased Dr. Frankenstein's monster, bearing torches along with farming implements, the caption would read "You could as easily ban fire as you could ban guns."