Thursday, December 27, 2012

David Codrea: D.C. chief and ATF head asked who authorized violation of magazine ban

The truth is, the issue isn’t really about throwing David Gregory and the production staff of "Meet the Press" in the slammer anyway -- that would just be an amusing side benefit, especially if they were put in with the same threatening and demeaning treatment and terrifying characters you and I would be subjected to for the “crime” of possessing verboten boxes and springs. It’s about, at a time when the frenzied citizen disarmament mob is howling for new ways to infringe on the Second Amendment, putting two of the nation’s most prominent “gun law” enforcers on record to explain why that should happen to some but not to others, and what their lawful authority for making such distinctions is.


Anonymous said...

Sort of reminds me of the 'audacity' of a certain 'president' who went ahead (several times) and violated laws AFTER he had been given legal counsel NOT to do so.
Some animals are more equal than other animals.
davidgregory KNOWINGLY violated the DC restriction on hi-cap magazines to try to score political points. He should be held accountable for it - just as any of us lesser animals would.

Paul X said...

The lawful authority for such distinctions? It's obvious, isn't it? "Law is for the peons, not for the ruling class."