Monday, December 31, 2012

Why Good People Need Semiautomatic Firearms and “High Capacity” Magazines

According to Massad Ayoob.


Anonymous said...

We "Good people" don't have to "Need" anything.. its our right to possess them without explanation, reason or permission.. even the so called "Gun Experts" refuse to acknowledge the real reason for the 2nd Amendment being to resist a tyrannical govt publicly so who are they siding with.. or are they just an intentional distraction ?

I'm so tired of all these experts lying about the truth these days because of one agenda or another.. not once does he even mention the truth even in hinting about it.

Lets be honest people..
We have the lawful and constitutional right to keep and bear to make sure we have a way to resist any corrupt, treasonous or otherwise defined government, no longer of, for or by the people from stealing our Liberty, enslaving us or anything else we feel violates our God given rights. That's why our founders decided it was important to name and define those rights so any person could understand them without some corrupt judiciary getting involved.
It aint about hunting, self defense, sport shooting or anything else except shooting the scumbags who want to make you slaves of one form or another.

It's time all these experts, professionals and others either pick a side or shut their yap for hire.

Yank lll

Anonymous said...

Ah yeah, the famed Ayoob. Master of all things gunfighty - but still a gunfight virgin.

Anonymous said...

Anon - What do you think you've contributed to this? Or just trolling? And "gunfighty?" I won't even go there.

Anonymous said...

Yank III - I believe Mas Ayoob was writing about reasons good people need . . . Not about the ONLY reasons. The info he put out is usable, he doesn't have to be the final authority on the subject.

Anonymous said...

I understand what he was doing but what teed me off his what he and other "experts" like him, who have made a good living off their "gun expertise" "enlightening the unknowing" NEVER do is to acknowledge the truth behind that which gives them leave to preach..
Yes some of what he said is true however it could have been more honest and powerful had he been honest about the reality of it. Instead he and others just like him side with the lie by omission to favor the quislings who put money in their pockets, usually law enforcement and associated groups favoring gun regulation and restrictions by the "only ones".

We are truly at a time in this country where they are either with us or against us and that is not a bed we made, but we are being forced to sleep in it.

Yank lll

TNhillbilly said...

I have never been what you might call an activist, but I'm not a conformist ether. I guess I never felt strongly enough about a topic to through in my two cent's. (at least not in a public forum.)
But times they are a changing, and when I feel that my rights as a American citizen are being taken away a little more every year...........and now there talking about taking away my guns!
I'm just a little bit more than worried, I'm pissed.
I was raised on the gun, some of my earliest memory's from my childhood are of my dad teaching me to be safe, safe, safe with a firearm. Shooting beer cans off the wood pile. Dove hunting on a two hundred acer corn field my dad and his db Stevens, Thurmas of coffee and a five gallon bucket, me trying to keep up, luging a single shot savage and a duffle bag of shells. I'll never till my dying day forget the smell of that fresh cut corn,or the calls from across the field "over!!" or "birds!!"
That's what makes this country so .....unique great. We all had a promise of freedom, that promise is waning fast, and I for one don't want to give it up.
So I guess when they come knocking on this good ol boys door to take my firearms is when they'll finally know on which side of America I stand.......

I'll stand for or die.