Sunday, December 30, 2012

More demands for greater power for the ATF. After all, we can't have more tyranny without more minions.

Lack of Leadership, Influence of Gun Lobby Hamper ATF Gun Efforts
More gun victims: When will Congress get serious about the ATF?
After all, it's not like they just got caught with their hands in the cookie jar by facilitating the smuggling of semi-auto rifles to Mexican drug cartels, right?
LATER -- Feinstein: More Power, More Money to ATF to Register All Guns


jon said...

would be interesting if a high capacity ban were passed and ATF saw mass resignations from it.

they ought to know that they're -- once again -- getting mighty close to a line where an individual can no longer excuse him- or herself from the group's behavior.

they have to know just how massively outnumbered they are. just read the FY 2010 report. "perm pos." permanent positions and "FTE" is full-time equivalent (divides out hours worked).

maybe everyone will just file out of the NICS/NFA branch and go work on gang violence instead? so long as nobody picks up when the phone rings, that might just meet approval.

Anonymous said...

If confiscation of any type actually begins, I expect it to turn into a Raping, Murdering hoard.

The ATF, Federal Marshals and Roid Head Cops are already or are starting to train with Drones to take on the American people.

Some say this is about gun control others say it’s about control.

I say Obama and his minions are looking to change the Demographics of this nation!

If they can ELIMINATE enough of their opposition then they can remain in power for Decades!

ELIMINATING your opposition in the name of fighting terror or illegal guns is a perfect cover. It’s done in plain sight and under the color of law.

I say its time to Demand Congress Start Impeachment proceedings if Obama does not back down from his war on the American people!

David Forward said...

@ Swift: Really?!? "Congress should deal with the ATF; disarm them, disband them, disown them. They are as disgraceful an agency as Ernest Roehm's Brownshirts, in the 1930's"... And Congress is somehow morally better than the F Troop? You'd have better odds of success telling a rapist to cut off his Johnson...