Saturday, December 29, 2012

5.56 market is up to between eighty cents and a buck a round.

From Gun Broker.


bloodyspartan said...

I better start selling that 100K cartridges I have I sure am Hungry.

Which caliber was that again.

What is the difference between a good day and a bad.

The Dosage!

1911A1 said...

CTD got a load of Tula in yesterday. 500 rd for $160.00 Don't know how much they had but the note said "plenty".

Got an e-mail at 5 A.M. SOld out in less than 7 hours.

Anonymous said...

On the 12-28-2012 Butch Paugh GCN radio show a caller said he was a 31 yr veteran of a North Carolina police department. (Archive at

He said the ATF and Federal Marshall Service was recruiting Police officers that they refer to has Droid heads from various departments to train with them and with Drones to take on the American people for gun confiscation.

The officer believed it would be about 45 days before the ATF, Federal Marshals and Droid heads would be ready.

The officer also said the force would be used against people at their homes.

I also just read something similar is happening in Missouri.

Anonymous said...

$1 per round / $1000 per case of 1000 rds at the Nations Capital gun show this weekend near Dulles Airport. 308 was also $1 per round

SWIFT said...

At the beginning of the bear season here in Pennsylvania, I went to a sports store and bought a couple boxes of hunting rounds. $19.95 apiece. That was November. Yesterday, while trying to purchase some 00 buck,(sold out) at the same store, I looked to see what my caliber of ammo was $34.95. Supply and demand or gouging?

Anonymous said...

quote"5.56 market is up to between eighty cents and a buck a round" unquote
The US government notwithstanding.

Which reminds me. Check out what the latest doodad our masters have in mind for us.

Every time I see shit like that I ask myself what kind of sub-human pond scum would build things to subjugate real humans this way. Then I look at a picture of Feinstein during the FISA law debate yesterday and I see one.

Carl said...

Went to the gun show in Fort Worth today. Huge huge crowd. You had to buy 1k rounds of reloaded 5.56 to get it under a buck a round. AR stuff up 50 to 150%. People are still buying it all.

Anonymous said...

The warning signs were out there. Hope folks heeded them and bought enough in advance to get through the current panic... or longer, if necessary.

Anonymous said... is out of almost every mag they had listed, including the ones I was about to order two days before the CT shooting hoax. Brownells is out of all mags. MidwayUSA has 18,000 backorders for the lowly Ruger 10/22 25 round mag.

Nobody has any 5.56 or .308 rounds, pulled or new, for reloading. This is nuts. They wanted a war? It's about to start - and they won't win.

Chaplain Tim said...

For ammo pricing, I prefer
They do a decent job of updating, but you still need to check availabiity.
5.56mm is going for $0.65 per round at the cheapest.

Roger J said...

I had a little spare time yesterday and loaded some .223 at an estimated cost of 27c a round, using discarded, once-fired LC 12 range brass that cost me nothing. I KNOW these cartridges are accurate - I've previously tested the load.

Happy D said...

For future reference this is a classic example of a sellers market, driven purely by fear, justified fear but fear only.

If you have old stock that you don't need or were planning to shoot up and replace in your stockpile. This is a good time to sell it or trade it.(I for example traded a South African 5.56x39 300 round battle pack to a friend for 300 rounds of 7.62x39. Who got the better deal you tell me? I got what I did not have enough of he got what he did not have enough of.)
If you have a friend who is not as ready as they should have been. Now is a good time to bank a favor.
If real evil comes you may want to loan a few rounds to a pal or whoever so they can go get their own.

If you do not have enough I can only advise that now is the last time I would buy at these insane prices.

At the store I work through the only ammunition we have that is not already sold is the iffy stuff we take out of used guns. And some damaged stuff that was recovered from a storage locker auction.

Could I sell this with full disclosure of what they are buying to a customer with a clear conscience?
Yes, but the situation would have to be much worse before I would even actually consider doing it. Though honestly I will probably shoot it.

Prices will remain high for a while for many reasons even if no evil comes from Washington.

Had the Grasshoppers that are now driving prices up acted like Ants and bought just $10 a month or $100 a year to put away for winter. They would not be wasting their money buying $0.10 of material for $1.00 or more.
My friend in the ammunition factory wishes they had because this panic garbage does more damage to his finances than profit in the long run.

On the up side the Quislings have a way to measure that there will be resistance.