Saturday, December 22, 2012

Some trick. Another collectivist columnist advocates confiscation.

That pesky Law of Unintended Consequences: America's gun culture -- Connecticut shooting didn't stop it, just made it worse.
A total ban on assault-style weapons, semi-automatic handguns and high volume detachable magazines, along with confiscation of all those now in private hands would do the trick.


bubba said...

Dear Santa,

I've been a really good man this year. I've worked long and hard all year long in order to pay my taxes thus transferring much of my present wealth and most of my future prosperity to the useless and un-productive as required by obama. I've made sure to share my toys, my food and my time with my friends and family. I've tried hard to honor my oath to God, my wife and children and also the constitution of my nation. Now that the Moloch's have completely taken over both my State and Country, I believe we are in need of a little support. If you could see your way clear a few items would be useful to us in the near future, as follows:

A couple of Keltec Bullpups or a couple of

DS Arms Special Purpose Rifles.

As always a goodly amount of magazines and repair parts for the above and a sufficient quantity of Surplus German 7.62x51 NATO (either DAG or MEN) or Federal XM80C and also XM118 Long Range to sustain us through the impending darkness would be much appreciated.

Thanks Santa,



Bubbette has been exceedingly good this year and would really appreciate her own Smith & Wesson 6" 657 .41 magnum revolver, it will be quite useful for the Goblins, and a couple of thousand rounds each of Winchester 175gr Silvertip and Remington 210gr Soft Point ammo.

GaryM said...

I'll bet he's not willing to be the one knocking on doors and trying to collect them. That's a job for the "only ones"!

Charles N. Steele said...

Hmm. Rutten notes that (perhaps correctly) "current Constitutional jursiprudence" wouldn't permit confiscation. Presumably this means that the goal is anew jurisprudence, or a new constitution.

Bubba: if Santa has any extra stuff, please send him to my house as well.

bubba said...


The big guy's little factories are working overtime to help out all the good men (and women). Those that have are willing to share with those that need. Merry Christimas.