Sunday, December 30, 2012

More of that collectivist projection going on.

The longer the weapon, the shorter the tool.


Anonymous said...

Interesting. That tool obviously has not talked to my wife of 38 years. She smiles often.

Anonymous said...

Todd -

I know it's hard for you to grasp with your superior intellect the need to retain military might in the hands of the citizen in order to provide for adequate self defense against threats up to and including a tyrannical government. A government that may come after me and other folks who believe in the laws put forth by the Constitution. They will use predator drones equipped with Hellfire missiles, Military equipped with hi cap mags, night vision, and other various incendiaries. Meanwhile all the citizens will have are semi automatic rifles and handguns at best which makes it more of a challenge to mount an adequate defense. If the government does take it that far they will be the criminals since it is they are are breaking the law. Something they are doing more and more often. While this is happening folks like myself who believe in the laws of our republic will be branded terrorists and folks like you will be cheering on the efforts to either kill us all, or march us to the nearest reeducation camp. The moral of this story is folks like myself with small appendages will resist and fight for upholding the law. Folks like you will be the cheerleader and stooge for evil and oppression. For criminals are criminals, whether they wear a hoodie and mug people, or sit in expensive suits within the halls of government they both want the same things. They want victims and they want them helpless. All of this was realized by men a lot smarter than you over two centuries ago.

"I Have Sworn Upon the Altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man." - Thomas Jefferson

anhourofwolves said...

I think this gal has a better handle on what's really going on with the Toddster

JF said...

Why would I possibly care what a "man" (who could obviously change a nine-dollar bill into a stack of threes) thinks about me ?
Todd, if I'm not being clear enough, I hear that Barney Frank is looking for a new secretary.

Anonymous said...

(I refuse to post comments anywhere that only use FascistBook, so he can read it here)

Wow, and you live in Aspen? Guess they'll let anybody live there.

Not only is your caveman-like schoolboy mentality showing (my dick is bigger than yours, so I don't need guns), but so is your implied aversion to guns - and the probable lack of them in your home. You just notified every criminal within driving distance of that likelihood. Last time I was there, it was evident the local economy was pretty healthy, ensuring would-be thieves a high probability of a nice haul if they burglarized your home, or robbed you at gunpoint. You've apparently never been in that situation or you'd think differently.

Those of us who have one or several strategically placed handguns, shotguns or rifles for self-defense know the real reason for having them: because criminals have them, too, and when seconds count, even the Aspen police are minutes away. That, timing when facing a criminal, is the reason. It has nothing to do with comparative anatomy. By the logic you use, one could say that you're compensating for a lack of intelligence by prolific and much published writing.

Anonymous said...

Todd Hartley must not be on the staff of that newspaper, but the editor's name is:

Rick Carroll

I emailed him and told him that if he is with Todd Hartley then he is surely with Stupid.

How about flooding him with similar sentiments.
- Old Greybeard

Anonymous said...

How to make a very BIG dick of ones self ... ROFL

David Forward said... of the few places where pseudo intellectual progressives are so insecure they actually pack socks in the front of their pants before venturing out of their multi-million dollars abodes they bought with money swindled from honest folks world wide...I really care about what they think of me.

Anonymous said...

Author summed up his own article with this quote:

"That's the plain and simple truth, even if it's not true."

MamaLiberty said...

Bear has a very good response to this cretin:

And I'd LOVE to see Todd walk down the main street of So. Central LA, or Harlem, at night - alone and armed only with his dick...

Bear said...

So among other things, the poor guy believes women have penises? I'm guessing this is Todd's favorite song.

I had a few more choice words for the sad little fellow at my web site (forwarded to Hartley and his editor; no response yet).