Thursday, December 27, 2012

A picture worth a thousand tyrant's fears.

Killer Tomato Cass Sunstein wrote an op-ed for Bloomberg last week entitled Gun Debate Must Avoid Crazy 2nd Amendment Claims. It contains the usual collectivist bilge but it was the illustration to the article which drew my attention.
I suppose that this is the "Founders wrote the Second Amendment at the time of single-shot smoothbore muskets so that's all you're guaranteed" argument illustrated in pen and ink.
I look at it as the visual expression of every modern tyrant's fear. Ten minutemen are replaced in the cartoon by ten rounds, a third of the standard capacity of an AR or AK. In other words, a ten-man modern minuteman squad carrying ARs and just one magazine per has an immediate firepower available of 300 rounds versus 10. Can there be any better illustration of the fear behind the tyrannical eyes of the advocates of citizen disarmament? THIS is why they have been striving mightily to ban semi-auto rifles.
I doubt that the cartoonist intended that reaction from our side, but that's what I see in this -- A picture worth a thousand tyrant's fears.


drjim said...

Hi, Mike

I hope you and yours had a very Merry Christmas.
With all the gun ban and confiscation talk going around, what's your take on MI Garands from the CMP?
Do you think the Useful Idiots will be coming after them?

Anonymous said...

Is it time to exersize our god given authority as Americans with fire and rope?

Maddawg308 said...

I see 12 minutemen and 12 rounds of ammo. Even better!

Anonymous said...

Mike I just heard that large amounts of Ammo has been pre-positioned in Illinois to be used against the people. (This is from a police officer)

I have to assume its being done elsewhere.

There is also an attack against pro-gun comments and accounts on Face Book today.

If ammo is being pre-positioned then the odds of things going Hot just went through the roof.

Mike I am in awe at the speed this thing is going. I also realize in my area I maybe alone.

I have family that has decided no one should have a semi-auto. I can’t trust them.

I always knew they were different but I didn’t realize just how nuts they really were until the Sandy Hook shooting.

If you get the chance maybe you can put out a final check list.

Anonymous said...

Too bad they're whimpy-ass .223 rounds. Gimme that old-tyme 30-06 or 7.62 NATO (or .308 Winchester for the uninformed...)

John Smith. said...

I prefer to introduce them to the Ferguson Rifle which was used on American Soil. Hell the Inventor of that rifle was killed in the battle of Kings Mountain. He was unlucky enough to be armed with conventional muzzle loading rifles at the time.

Anonymous said...

Sunstein writes a lazy short article of dirt. High school kids can put better arguments together turd. As if the 1st amendment only applied to printing press, and not the internet, tv, radio eh? What a laugh. Gee, why weren't colonists using stone knives, slingshots and spears? Muskets, cannons were state of the art back then and we have appropriate technology much to libby chagrin.

Furthermore, these libby lightweight anti-Constitution bigots throw bans out on scary looking guns at the first chance, exploiting victims, yet show no burden of proof on how any remedy to mass murder would happen by their laughable statist utopian desires.

Anonymous said...

I have yet to ever see a leftist type advocating the "there were muskets in the days of the 2nd amendment being written" argument ever respond to the counter argument: was television or the internet around in the days of the First Amendment being written?

Anonymous said...

What he fails to mention, is that at the time depicted on the clever little illustration, the military ALSO only had single shot rifles! They no longer have single shot, so neither will we.

Anonymous said...

I'm not really sure what his point is. They can pass all the laws they want. They can repeal The Second Amendment. RKBA predates all of that and will still exist per SCOTUS in US v Cruikshank and Jefferson in The Declaration of Independence. All they will have done is re-emphasize Jefferson's positions on the duty of the citizens to replace unjust government.

It's the next steps that are to be determined.

1. Do they have the balls to order law enforcement to collect the banned arms?
2. Will law enforcement have the balls to break their oaths by protecting the administration instead of The Constitution?
3. Will enough of America's gun owners have the balls to step up to the plate if 1 & 2 come to pass?