Monday, December 24, 2012

Handing over the keys of Iraq to Iran and selling out the Kurds.

An Interview with Nechirvan Barzani: Will There Be an Independent Kurdistan?
We knew that after the withdrawal of the American troops, things would change and this would be a normal thing to happen in Iraq. America came to this country, spent huge amounts of money and have sacrificed lives. But they handed over the keys to others.
TIME: To the Iranians?
Barzani: I said to others, okay [laughs]. Whatever problems, whatever you like, they have left all these problems behind. I’ll pose a question: Why did you come to Iraq? What’s the reason? If the only intention was to hand over Iraq’s keys to others, then why did you come? Why? This is really the question for Americans. Therefore, America is also responsible for the situation and what happens now. There is a moral responsibility on the United States. Because until the last moment when then Americans were here they did not help us to solve these problems. And they knew that these were problems that would linger. How does Baghdad act? Baghdad believes or perceives that they will be stronger, but especially I’m talking about Prime Minister Maliki, he’s waiting for F16s and M1 tanks, and being in that strong position to come and talk to us. To impose a solution on us. Imposing any kind of solution would create a problem on the ground.


Anonymous said...

Some time ago you posted a story about the last free Cambodian radio transmission from an officer who's door was being hacked open by the Khmer Rouge.

"You American's are worse than the French!"

I guess things haven't changed very much since the fall of Cambodia. And then our leaders wonder why even our "friends" don't trust us. One of the cleaner versions of the joke "The three most often told lies in the english language" finishes up something like this: "I'm from the United States Government and I'm here to help you!"

Oh well!

Anonymous said...

Its the same game plan the deomcrats used in RVN.. leave them hanging, cut off their aid and supplies and hide when the democrats commie allies roll in and put them to death or in camps.

There aint a democrat in the country from that time, Kerry especially, who is worth a steaming turd.

TRAITORS for more years than I want to remember.

Yank lll