Monday, December 24, 2012

Food running short world-wide.

The new famine is a crisis of undersupply
What stands in the way, this time as last time, is misunderstanding. Aid organizations in the West and governments in the developing world, motivated by myths of village tranquillity, pay people to stay rural rather than to consolidate their holdings and modernize their farming. Too many people believe, falsely, that a shift to commercial agriculture means a shift to big or exploitative farms, rather than more income for small farmers. We allow superstitions about engineered crops to become progress-blocking policies. We let meaningless middle-class fetishes for “organic” or “local” foods pollute the debate, when what’s needed is more protein, now.


Happy D said...

What in vogue liberal/progressive policies killing the poor?!

Does anyone else suspect that this killing through good intentions might be deliberate?

Roger said...

Meanwhile we process millions of tons of corn into a poor substitute for gasoline in the name of being politically correct.

Anonymous said...

"We let meaningless middle-class fetishes for “organic” or “local” foods pollute the debate"

Who ever wrote this must work for Monsanto. GM crops, pesticides, and chemical food additives are killing and sterilizing us all. Don't believe me? Do a little research (not mainstream media sources). Learn all you can now before companies like Monsanto (most evil company on the planet in my opinion) have their lawyers and politicians silence the rest of the whistle blowers.

Anonymous said...

My older brother gave me a copy of the book "All new SQUARE FOOT Gardening" for my last B'day and it has been an eye opener for me on how to get maximum production for growing food. Now all I need to do is get with the people at "Off the Grid News" to get some of the Heirloom seeds that are NOT genetically modified. I think the folks at MONSANTO should face trial for what should be called WAR CRIMES for their effort to control the world's food supply.

Grantmeliberty said...

Small scale sustainable farming is better in a thousand ways. Factory farming with its dependence upon chemical fertilizers and toxic herbicides and pesticides along with GM roundup ready and terminator seeds are bringing this disaster upon us. Monsatan is pure evil, and ranks with the big pharma toxic murderers with their useless vaccines and deadly "cures." All for profits without responsibility. I see it all as judgement upon this nation for its sins and disobedience, but the parallels with ancient Israel are undeniable. Murder your babies and sacrifice them on the altar of convenience. The people wanted a king and got Saul, these people brought us the bummer.