Sunday, December 30, 2012

"Will there be resistance? Absolutely there will be resistance." Emperor Barack wants us further disarmed.

"Son, you don't poke a wolverine with a sharp stick unless you want your balls ripped off." -- Grandpa Vanderboegh
Obama hopes to enact new gun-control measures in 2013 Good luck with that.
Another write-up from the AP.
Obama said he intended to press the issue with the public. "Will there be resistance? Absolutely there will be resistance," he said.
He has no frigging clue.


SWIFT said...

Yesterday, I was reading a story in Military History magazine about the Forest Brothers of Lithuania. Some of them had been living in the forests of Lithuania, fighting the Russians from 1944 through 1956, with small groups holding out until 1965. Russian treachery in counter-insurgency operations finally ended the war. The article stated living conditions were hard and the average life expectancy of a fighter was 2 years. Similar Forest Brothers lived and fought in Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Belorus and I think, Georgia. Anyway, I suggest patriots read all they can about that era, as there is a wealth of knowledge from freedom fighters who have gone through, what Obama-the-Commie, is bringing here.

Anonymous said...

I don't know who this business owner is- but as of today he is my hero. Time to tell it like it is....

Anonymous said...

Well if its gonna get sporty, How about all you guys start doin' some PT. ANY PT will be better than you got now. You old 0311s and 11Bs start passing some of that knowledge on. Just knowing how to E&E or lay fields of fire & clear fire lanes might save some kids life. Com'on guys ,time to remember that young NCO you once were. Even if you can't run with the young dogs anymore, don't mean you can't teach them boys some licks,and we'r 'bout outa time.

e.c.c. said...

Resist today and every day. Down with the dictator and his regime... It's them or traditional America...We'll never surrender, it's not an option.

Female III said...

I doubt these devils will come to a home or business. They are evil but they are not stupid. I expect that their aggression will be something less suicidal. Something like attacking wages if registered weapons are not turned in. They can do that you know because most people don't get their wage except through a slip of paper or electronically and that is so easy to manipulate. Same goes for pension deposits, social security checks and those 50/50 accounts some employees have with their employers.

I'm sure they are looking at much safer methods of aggression than sending in an armed team to invade an innocent citizen's home. I'm sure they know that only the first few are free and that pre-planned responses from family, friends, and neighbors can really fuck up a good raid.

So, I do not think that they will do this up close and personally but by unlawful fines and seizures done electronically like what is being done to those with Christian conscience like Hobby Lobby who, by the way, is defiant in their refusal to either pay Caesar or commit sin. Legal does not make it lawful and lawless aggression tends to piss people off. Even quiet, fuzzy little bunny rabbit types. This sort of long range reach-of-the-arm aggression will produce so many unintended consequences...and opportunities...that I salivate just thinking about it.

There are many forms of assault to consider. Plan your responses for every one you can think of. Never underestimate an enemy especially this one because this one has the backing of Satan himself.

Anonymous said...

The very sad thing is that, with the number of pro-gun citizens (300+ million firearms in the U.S. and 18+ million NICS checks in 2012 alone), "We The People" can't even muster a few thousand peaceful, passionate, vociferous patriots to assemble and march on D.C. and in our home districts to send a loud, clear message to anyone who would dare alter or eliminate our 2nd Amendment.

As an organized and assembled group, We The People have untold political power, not to mention the overwhelming optics that would be difficult for even the negligent State-sponsored media to ignore. Unfortunately, rather than inconveniencing ourselves, the same tens of thousands of people who could make a real difference now and for generations to come would rather spend the equivalent time waiting on long lines to get into gun shows around the country to procure their last-minute guns and ammo before the "ban" - a ban that need never come to fruition.

After the "ban," as weakened, isolated individuals, much like the gazelle separated from the herd - we can hunker down in our homes and wait for the "midnight jackbooted" gun grabs to commence. Meanwhile, we anonymously post comments on gun blogs about our "cold dead hands" to feel like we've somehow done our part to defend the 2nd amendment.

One thing Holder probably hasn't lied about is that we are, in fact, a nation of cowards. The internet has made it much easier to anonymously post a comment on a blog or forward an email or a pro-gun link and give the illusion that one has actually done something - rather than really do what it takes and show up en masse to let the Constitutional Revisionists know that we've had enough.

Anonymous said...

Here's an idea, before shooting the bastards:

Robohobo said...

anon above- Speak for yourself not others. That is the height of hubris.

Paul X said...

"Unfortunately, rather than inconveniencing ourselves, the same tens of thousands of people who could make a real difference now and for generations to come would rather spend the equivalent time waiting on long lines to get into gun shows around the country..."

On the contrary, this action sends a message like no other.

Keep your defeatism to yourself, provocateur.