Thursday, December 27, 2012

Kurt Hofmann: Ex-'regulatory czar' uses slick sleight of hand to justify banning modern guns

The Obama administration's former 'regulatory czar,' Cass Sunstein, is a man with some . . . interesting ideas (at least to those who find raving lunacy "interesting").


Jhn1 said...

I won't accept any pretense at intellectual honesty until after those circumscribing the Second also apply the same criteria to the First.

First Amendment would then apply to unamplified speaking (well, leather trumpet OK) from the ground soapbox, balcony or tree limb. Freedom of the Press would not apply to the Internet, or TV or Radio, or to magazines or newspapers but only to the books, pamphlets, and broadsheets that existed in that era. No emanations of Penumbras that protect abortion, and gay rights (let alone gay marriage). Go back to regular weekly Christian religious services held in the House of Representatives and impeaching judges who were impious.

Let them support those as vehemently, and I will promise to at least listen to them. Until then I will continue to believe they are just hypocritical anti-American bigots pounding away at any element capable of opposing their elitist takeover.

Ed45 yreasedb said...

John Hancock owned black powder cannon for his ships. Where do I get mine?