Saturday, December 22, 2012

Maybe we might be rid of "Old Yellowstain" Boehner as Speaker after all.

House Republicans Circulate Plan to Oust Boehner from Speakership


Anonymous said...

Maybe he can pull a " Arlen Specter " and go somewhere he`s appreciated.

Anonymous said...

His constituents should have dragged him from his ivory tower at the end of a rope...a long time ago.


Anonymous said...


"All men are created equal."

What other nation proffers such a broad Egalitarian Clause—what academics should have called the 2nd Amendment of the Bill of Rights—in its foundational governmental documents?

Egalitarian dispersal of State power is the intended purpose behind the “right to bear arms.”

The Americans’ egalitarian sentiments expressed in the Second Amendment stem directly from close contact with the egalitarian, power-sharing Non-State eastern woodlands tribes, as documented in anthropologist Jack Weatherford’s Native Roots: How the Indians Enriched America (1992) and Indian Givers: How the Indians of the Americas Transformed the World (1988) and Jame’s Axtell’s The Invasion Within: The Contest of Cultures in Colonial North America (1986) (especially chapter 13, The White Indians of Colonial America.)

America’s Constitutional Egalitarian Clause is confirmed by biology with how Christopher Boehm describes the evolution of egalitarianism in his Hierarchy in the Forest: The Evolution of Egalitarian Behavior (Harvard University Press, 1999) as a “reverse dominance hierarchy,” that depends on the less powerful to band together “to deliberately dominate their potential master if they wish to remain equal.”

Don't capitulate science--especially evolutionary biology and anthropology--to the Leftists, they're wrong about it.

Ben Barrack said...

I'd love to see Boehner replaced as much as the next guy but the problem comes in when enough Republicans sit out the vote to prevent him from getting 217.

What's to say a sufficient number of Democrats don't cross the aisle and vote for him to get him reelected?

A.) He'd be better for them than a conservative speaker
B.) Boehner would be even more beholden to Democratic agenda

Something very similar to this happened in the Texas State House, when RINO Joe Straus was able to get all of the Democrats to vote for him as Speaker so that Tom Craddick could be defeated in 2009.