Sunday, December 23, 2012

A scumbag bastard Georgia gun dealer willing to sell out your rights if it will make him more money.

"The Capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them." Attributed to Vladimir Ilyich Lenin.
Cobb gun show attracts scores looking for assault-style rifles.
Apart from the shows, gun shops around the nation have been swamped with customers seeking to get a jump on a feared federal crackdown. Scott Austin, owner of Tucker Gun, a shop on U.S. 29 in Tucker, called it “the apocalypse of gun control.”
“You’ve got nothing to lose now. The Democrats always want to take your guns,” he said.
Austin, who stocks assault-style weapons and owns one himself, said he does not see the need for such a weapon, but that’s not the point.
“We don’t need the government telling us we don’t need them,” he said. “This is America. You buy what you want.”
But Austin said there are some restrictions even he could live with, such as closing the so-called “gun show loophole” that allows individuals who are not licensed dealers to exchange guns without any paperwork or a criminal background check.
“I’ve been saying that needs to go for 20 years,” he said. “If they did away with gun shows altogether it wouldn’t bother me. Then they’d have to come to me.”
So, if you want to gift your grandpa's shotgun to your son, both of you would have to get approved by the Feds and it's okay with this scumbag bastard.
Here's his website and here's where NOT to buy a firearm:
Tucker Gun
3996 Lawrenceville Highway
Tucker GA 30084 USA


Anonymous said...

Don't forget to add Don Davis of Indianapols, IN to this list.

1911A1 said...

Went down to his place not long after we moved to GA to pick up something he had posted on Gunbroker. After waiting about a half-hour in a not-very-busy store, I was told someone had bought it-on Gunbroker, but he had several similar for a higher price. Went home and checked-it was still up and available.

Never been back. Never will.

David Forward said...

I wonder if he wiggles his ears for a thrill while he's giving himself a DIY proctological inspection...

Anonymous said...

I'll bet that shop has a glass window.

Semper Fi, 0321 said...

Sent an email to LowerthanDirt, told them to remove my name from their mailing list.They want to jack up prices and gouge us? Not from me!

Happy D said...

Someone should send these clods a biography of Vidkun Abraham Lauritz Jonssøn Quisling.

I think they should pay attention to the ending.

That is where the moral of the story was.

Happy D said...

Semper Fi, 0321, Basic market economics not your thing?
You want price controls?
Vote DhimmiRat/Socialist.

Anonymous said...

Whether or not it has a glass window, I'll bet it has video camera(s). They're everywhere now. So, watch out!

- Old Greybeard

Semper Fi, 0321 said...

Happy D,
as we can all see, capitalism is working great in this country, if you're a Bush, Cheney, Obama, DuPont, Kennedy, Geitner, Pelosi....
I see you like to pigeonhole folks with labels, keeps everything simple for your 2 dimensional world?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for catching this! I've made other Georgians aware of his hypocrisy. It's not about rights to him, obviously it's about money. Screw him.

Happy D said...

Semper Fi, 0321,
You choose to talk their talk.
"as we can all see, capitalism is working great in this country, if you're a Bush, Cheney, Obama, DuPont, Kennedy, Geitner, Pelosi....".

I heard the same sewage out of Welfare Class/Democrat,Occupy Wall Street, and Union Thugs for years.
So if you think their think.
You will soon walk their walk.

This is the time of year the many ammunition factories in the U.S. make shotgun shells. So Cheaper Than Dirt has to raise prices on center fire rifle ammunition because replacement stock is going to be more expensive. Shipped in from over seas most likely.

More money is chasing the same amount of product. Thus prices go up. You could read Tom Baugh's Starving the Monkeys book to get an understanding of this.

But just like the people complaining about the gas prices after a hurricane. You wail "Price Gouging".

You had FOUR YEARS to get ready for this.
Any pain you are feeling from these price increases are mostly YOUR Own Fault!

Cheaper than dirt has done nothing comparable to what this Georgia dealer has done.
You just saw an opportunity to wail "Price Gouging" where you thought no one would call you on it.

Happy D said...

And Semper Fi, 0321, I wish you a merry Christmas and a Free-er and less costly New Year.

Honestly Yours,

Superior nuisance, Happy D.

Anonymous said...

And people wonder why we have big business liberals?

I have been to this store...once.
I saw this article in the local paper and I was at the Cobb gun show in question. Complete insanity in terms of pricing. I will tell you this. I wouldn't buy an AR from this asshat if he had the last one in country!


RegT said...

Happy D,

If you were awake, young man, you might have seen the $50 Magpul mags for sale at Lower Than Dirt. Raising prices to account for scarcity is one thing, gouging the crap out of folks who feel desperate because they suddenly realize they need more mags is not.

Brownell's is selling a ten pack of Magpuls for $125 - $12.50 per mag, NOT $50 per mag. Yes, they are backordered - that is what happens when they become scarce. Does that mean Brownell's isn't part of the free market economy?

So, get your sh*t together, Happy Democrat, before you accuse someone of something.

Smash_The_ZOG said...

Tried to do business on GunBroker once with him. Not only is he a sell-out, but he's very surly to polite would-be customers!

Semper Fi, 0321 said...

Happy D,
I used to own a gun shop 20+ yrs ago. Never could figure out that supply and demand thing, thanks for setting me straight.

Happy D said...

RegT, Thank You for the Christmas chuckle it was an extremely thoughtful and generous gift. I have passed your sciolistic observations around to other members of the gun industry resulting in a much needed spread of mirth.
Sorry I did not get back to you earlier.

Now how about you give a moment to try thinking outside of your vast ignorance.

Imagine Three companies.
Company A;
Buys old product from wherever it is discovered. Consequently prices are some what fixed they rarely raise prices and never take backorders.
Company B;
Deals in new product. They have contracts specifying the price at which they will get replacement stock that may be negotiated years in advance. They routinely place backorders on items that have not even been built yet. No guarantee you will get it. They are often the first to get new product off the assembly line. Prices raise slowly under normal circumstances.
Company C;
Buys large lots of product new and used to keep prices down. They may or may not have contracts for replacement stock. They may or may not take backorders. Prices raise and lower based on what is happening in the world. They may be the last to get new product from the manufacturer.

Which company is most like Brownells?
Which company is most like Cheaper Than Dirt?
Do you think the fact that many factories are closed this week might have affected prices?
I do thousands of Dollars of business with Brownells annually. This year I probably did one thousand dollars a month so I know a bit about how they work.
And you are comparing stock on hand at Cheaper Than Dirt to stock that may never exist at Brownells?
I have some what will be ocean front property in Nevada for sale would you like to buy it?
Awake? I have forgotten more than you have learned!

Happy D said...

Now Reggie baby let me take a moment to fill you in on these “folks who feel desperate because they suddenly realize they need more mags”.
We like talking to our customers and have learned a lot from the panic buyers (Or as I have been calling them “Grasshoppers” like in the fable The Ant and the Grasshopper) over the last few days.
Here is what we learned.
1. They couldn't be bothered to send $20 to the NRA, GOA, JPFO, Second Amendment Foundation, Republican Party, non statist political candidate or just volunteer time to help defeat the Biggest Government Candidate. But they can spend $2000 to $5000 on an AR type rifle and pay a premium for rush delivery of ammunition.
2. They did not vote. If one third of the Grasshoppers who indicated they did not vote, that bought ARs from us last week and live in the Utah 4th Congressional District had shown up congress would have one less democrat. If this pattern is repeated nationally then these Grasshoppers lost every close race in America!
3. Benghazi, Fast and Furious? They have to have explanations about what the cartoons posted on the wall are about.
4. Few if any have contacted their congress-weasel or office of same.

Feel free to share these observations far and wide everybody!

So Reg Trivial, Before you put fingers to keyboard in the future you would be wise to take the advice you so stupidly gave to me.

Happy D said...

‪Semper Fi, 0321‬, I am running a Gunsmithing business I started four years ago right now. (Poor timing I know). I am involved in one retail gun store soon possibly two. I am working with four manufacturing operations.
I know a fifty year veteran of the gun business who claims the last four years have had more change than the previous 46. He has good reason for his opinion.

And you think mentioning a shop you had 20+ years ago made some point?