Monday, December 31, 2012

Preaching sedition to the Constitution in the pages of the New York Times.

Let’s Give Up on the Constitution


Anonymous said...

Nonsensical mush.

Ed said...

He appears to advocate Cafeteria Constitutionalism - follow what you agree with and ignore the rest. Because, wink. wink, nudge, nudge... it has been done before and those that did got away with it.

I agree with it, so long as he agrees that I am the one who will decide what is followed and what is not, not him. I promise to be a benevolent, if at times ignorant, dictator. I can be sure that he approves of this plan. After all, that is what others have done before, and got away with.

Anonymous said...

not just because of his background in guns but because he’s not politically intimidated by the N.R.A., to put it mildly

He's going to be screaming a different tune very, very soon. I chose "screaming" deliberately.

AJ said...

Get a rope.....

Anonymous said...

He is right. Dump the document that approves of:

1. gun bans;

2. ammo bans;

3. CCW bans;

4. the detention of citizens by the military;

4. Obamacare; and

5. baby killing.

Replace it with the document that was supposed to have been ratified in 1787 before the Washington-led coup which created our federal monster.

Which document? The Articles of Confederation.

Gunny G said...

This clown is an OBAMA supporter to the tune of $4800.00 (2008/12). ALWAYS follow the money (Open Secrets) to find the man behind the curtain. NATURALLY, like his massa Obama, he wants the Constitution gone so that he, as a useful idiot, and the Ruling Class can rule us. He should study history and useful idiots.

His email is:

For anyone who wants to debate this moron.

Happy D said...

If you think the Progs get away with stealing your freedom under the Constitution Mr. militialaw. You need to read The Articles of Confederation and ask what they would pull under that system.

Respectfully, Happy D

Happy D said...

Fix Bayonets; insert, twist, pull, repeat!

Anonymous said...

Three times in my life I swore to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign AND DOMESTIC!!! By his own words this "sophomore" (literally "wise fool") has revealed himself as an enemy of the constitution. His piece shows him to be not only an enemy of the Constitution but of every document limiting the power of government all the way back to the Magna Charta. This person is an enemy of the very concept of "rule of law" vs "rule of men".

Clearly he fails to understand that trusting in the unfettered (by charter or constitution) rule of men is all well and good - WHEN THE FACTION IN POWER AGREES WITH YOU!!!! I suspect he would sing a far different tune if progressives like him were languishing in the cold out of power. I'd wager nearly anything I have that were his faction out of power he would be one of the loudest voices calling for the people in power to honor the Constitution. I dare say that if Harry Reid decides to exercise the "nuclear option" vis a vis filibusters, he - or a succeeding Senate Dhimmicrat leader - will rue the day Reid did that. Should the pendulum swing and the GOP regain control of the Senate, then it would be the Dhimmicrats who would have no voice. I can hear their howls now.

Payback is a stone bitch.

Paul X said...

I don't have much use for the Constitution since it was implemented in a coup d'etat by lowlifes like Hamilton, and because "social contract" theories are nonsense; but I have written an article suggesting that Constitutionalists and Constitution doubters can probably work together:

"The enemy of my enemy is my friend."

Anonymous said...

And yet these seditious turds continue to breath.