Sunday, December 23, 2012

Nadler: ‘The State Ought to Have a Monopoly on Legitimate Violence’

The congressman from CSGV.


Osmium said...

At least they are being honest.

CSGV = Coalition to Support Genocidal Violence

Robert Fowler said...

When TSHTF I hope this asshole is one of the first with a hemp necktie.

We're going to run out of lamp posts.

Anonymous said...

What a fucking asshole.Does he propose another Krystyllnacht?

How about a monopoly on boxcars, eh Nadler?

I cant believe he actually said it.The gloves are off,folks. You heard it from the horse's ass/mouth.MOLON LABE


Anonymous said...

I am an Army MP. The time has come where LEOs and Military Personel must chose sides. Are you a Loyalist or a Patriot? I chose Patriot thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

I hope the so-called "Hunter's",who agree with a Ban on semi-auto's, thinking it won't effect them are paying attention. They have no intention of stopping at confiscating just semi-auto Firearms. They will be back shortly after for Bolt action rifles and Revolvers soon after an Assault Weapons confiscation if we turn our semi-auto's in.

All firearms owners have to stand together and against ANY Firearms Ban's!

Anonymous said...

That fat slob Gerald Nadler has been a card carrying socialist shitbag for his entire stint in congress.. hes a member of the and that can be verified by using the internet archive in the years befor they wiped their member list from their website. Hes a frilthy communist slob who should be arrested for treason.

Yank lll

Anonymous said...

He only wants a monopoly on LEGITIMATE force. The criminals with guns are OK by him.

Loren said...

In the same vein, kind of scary.