Thursday, December 27, 2012

David and Goliath death match coming soon live on C-SPAN? The Wicked Witch of Citizen Disarmament versus Ramsey A. Bear.

"If I could have gotten 51 votes in the Senate of the United States for an outright ban, picking up every one of them . . . Mr. and Mrs. America, turn 'em all in, I would have done it." -- Senator Diane Feinstein, CBS-TV, 60 Minutes, 5 February 1995.
A deep genuflection and tip of the boonie hat to reader Ryan who alerted me to this analysis at Soldier Systems: Classify ‘Assault Weapons’ Under NFA…The Grand Compromise?
I was intending to do a column on this, but the Soldier Systems' piece is a good place to start. Here's the deal. The NFA is so shot through with errors and problems of administration with the relatively small (and since 1986, finite) numbers of items subject to regulation that to dump tens of millions of semi-autos into it would collapse the damn thing in a welter of lawsuits and recriminations that would demand repeated oversight hearings of the ATF. (Think cockroaches and bright lights.) And that's ignoring the non-compliance and resistance it would bring from Three Percenters. The congressional hearings up front on this particular point would be a field day for our side -- an absolute field day. Ramsey A. Bear would probably be called to testify.
This is one loaded cigar that the gungrabbers (and certainly the ATF) shouldn't want to smoke -- if, of course, they have the sense that God gave a goose.
LATER: Here's DiFi's press release, explaining:
(The Act) requires that grandfathered weapons be registered under the National Firearms Act, to include:
* Background check of owner and any transferee;
* Type and serial number of the firearm;
* Positive identification, including photograph and fingerprint;
* Certification from local law enforcement of identity and that possession would not violate State or local law; and
* Dedicated funding for ATF to implement registration
Also, get this: "Bans large-capacity ammunition feeding devices capable of accepting more than 10 rounds." Bans, as in, we catch you with those in your gun safe you're a federal criminal. Oh, yeah, DiFi, I can really see you getting away with THAT without starting a civil war. Or not.


Anonymous said...

Mike I just read finestines websight; Seems to me that it calls for NFA reg. of ALL firearms.

Longbow said...

Who the fuck appointed Soldier to speak for the entire industry?

Hefferman said...

David won the first time, by the help of God and one well aimed shot.
I will not give 1 inch. I will not back down. This is a God Given Inalienable Right, and we should never even think about compromising.

Give me Liberty, or give me death.
The difference between a slave and a citizen is the ability to denfed yourself, from what other want to do to you. I will not live as a slave.

Anonymous said...

Non compliance would be pervasive and wide spread. For a recent historical example see the California semi-auto ban. We were given a few months to submit our black rifles for registration with Cal DOJ. HARDLY ANYONE REGISTERED THEIR BANNED WEAPONS. This state is full of unregistered "assault rifles" to this day, owned by otherwise law abiding citizens who just don't trust the Gauleiters in Sacramento.

Scott J said...

Hearings? You think the "pass the bill to see what's in it" crowd will hold hearings?

SWIFT said...

I just read Feinstein's website also. All weapons grandfathered will require registration and fingerprinting. Not content with assault rifles, she wants pistols, hunting rifles and shotguns included. I have to wonder if she'll be content with civil war? Well Ms. Feinstein, content or not, you and your kind are opening a Pandoras Box of blood letting you cannot imagine. By the way, I'm totally ready . I will not live in the commie state you propose. You ready too?

Left Coast Conservative said...

I truly think you over estimate the possibility of civil war. However, recent articles suggest a massive non-compliance rate of draconian laws.

Anonymous said...

Step 1: Feinstein presents her Hitlerian inspired legislation.

Step 2: Obama returns early from vacation to Washington, under the guise of the "Fiscal Cliff" talks,but not coincidentally, at the same time public support for his Assault Weapon's Ban proposal is tanking and not so coincidentally ,when some type of "Event" might be needed to boost support for his flagging Firearms Bans.

Step 3: A government "False Flag" slaughter,more Horrific than Sandy Hook,that "Just" Happens to take place shortly after Feinstein presents the details of her otherwise unacceptable piece of legislation. This "False Flag" gives Obama a reason to demand that congress return to session and pass Feinstein's draconian piece of Bilge. This would avoid Obama having to deal with the Firestorm after issuing an Executive order based on the same legislation. It would also give the repubs a "Smokescreen" to be able to have as a reason to support such a Bill. The repubs are NWO lefties and are just as marxists as their dem buddies. They are just looking for an excuse to help get this Bill passed as they are scared out of their minds about what the American people are going to do to them when they find out the repubs have been collaborating on this for decades.

rexxhead said...

Well, I wrote "Tipping Point" ( to be fiction, but I'm okay with idiots converting it to a documentary. They'll discover the true meaning of "interesting times".

Ed said...

Notice that there is no estimate of the cost to implement this plan, or even contemplation of what would happen when most respond with "Hell, NO!"

Revoke the NFA (1934), the Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act of 1968, the GCA of 1968, the firearms Onwers Protection Act (1986), the Gun-Free School Zones Act (1990) and the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act (1993) as they all infringe on 2nd Amendment rights. Revoke the state gun control laws also for the same reason. There are sufficient laws enacted at the state level to arrest, prosecute, convict and imprison those who would misuse weapons, even though there are few laws that ever prevent undesirable behavior.
Treat all those who advocate denial of ANY of your civil rights as the miscreants that they are, regardless of any position that they hold.