Saturday, December 29, 2012

Attack of the Evil Flash Suppressors

The media Anti-Gun narrative in re: Flash Suppressors


Anonymous said...

He's right. The mind is the only deadly weapon. Everything else is just a tool.
That'd make a good bumper sticker.

B Woodman

SWIFT said...

I use to think that when left-wingers and media tried to confuse the issue of semi-automatic and automatic rifles, it was meant to fog the difference. Now, with this ridiculous attack on flash suppressors, I think they are so uninformed, (brain dead)on their subject matter, as to be beyond help. Whichever way of thinking is correct, it is an argument whose time has passed. The time for a national debate has also passed. There are no words, no compromise, no "common sense legislation" that would, or could, bridge the divide between left and right. Anyone who reads Feinstein's proposed legislation on firearms, can see that this is going to be a whole hog or nothing fight. The only way freedom can be maintained, is when the guns go hot!

David Forward said...

Man, I fully understand the real fear concerning flash suppressors. Hell, just the other night I caught the rebellious flash suppressor of one of my Garands after it had nefariously unscrewed itself from the rifle and was attempting to sneak out the window with a couple of errant 30-06 rounds. If I hadn't have been a light sleeper and stopped this totally unauthorized adventure by the ring leader flash suppressor who knows what devastation would have been caused in la-la land...I shudder at the possibilities!

Anonymous said...

Money quote "A person must have both the Intent and the Will to use those items to injure another person. Firearms also require Intent and Will. "

I'm starting to get me some "intent" and I'm sure fixin' to get some "will".

Locked, cocked and ready to rock.

Anonymous said...

I need to pick up an extra one to use on my key ring. I guess that would make my keyring an ASSAULT keyring therefore VERY DANGEROUS.