Sunday, November 28, 2010

"What To Do If A Tea Party Family Moves Next Door To You ."

A tip of the boonie hat to Defender for posting this link. Nice mug shot, too.


Anonymous said...

I went to that site and read many articles. Extremely fightening!! Please watch the video of the girl being dragged by her hair from the building.

The blog owner is all about re-education, gun confiscation, stopping anti-obama speech, etc.

The enemies of liberty and freedom live amongst us. It's just not the politicans anymore!!

Newark, Ohio

Dr.D said...

WOW!!!, has this guy drunk the "Kool Aid". I don't suppose there is any way to actually reach him and suggest to him (much less convince him) that he needs to make nice with his "Tea Party Neighbors" so that when TSHTF he can expect help from them. Of course the idea of prepping is probably just a foreign to him as
voting for some one other than "the anointed one".


Heath J said...

As I read that, I kept waiting for the punchline. He's serious, isn't he??

Their side has some serious projection issues.

Crustyrusty said...

I can't tell if that's a bad parody or if this guy's serious...?

Anonymous said...

I thought this was a joke too, this guy goes way beyond sick.
I'll bet he would have no problem lining up all the Tea Baggers and exterminating them because they own guns and scare the crap out of him. I mean having someone else exterminate them, he's too scared to do it himself.
I'm white, my girlfriend is black and she loves guns and freedom as much as I do. What would this fool propose to do with us?
Classic example of why we keep our guns.


thedweeze said...

I'd just *love* to find this guy as a next-door neighbor. He would quickly find out the true meaning of "turnabout is fair play", and a civil jury of his peers would undoubtably find his antics unamusing.

Anonymous said...

Ditto CrustyRusty:
Is this a satire, or is CoffeeMan serious?
I guess I need to read more of his blog.

B Woodman

Matt said...

Seems to me this is one more example of living in their heads rent-free. Is this guy scary, oh yeah. On the other hand, he's the type that could make moderates (who think for themselves) think twice about the ideas of the left.

He's a blatant liar about many of the things, so some folks will see through him.

Anonymous said...

It's easy. See your history. The left (commies) are creating a civil war which facilitates their seizure of power and resources... They've been working on it for decades.... Where you been?

Anonymous said...

Just keep it up, Coffeeman. Keep it up.

Sedition said...

To answer the question in the title of the blog:

"If you're a bed wetting liberal- commie, you run for your fuggin' life because the giant is awakening...and he ain't happy.

Urkle Holder said...

It HAS to be a satire! Even the leftists and other commie bastards are not that demented. Really - this guy is hysterical! I laughed and laughed.
LOVED the part about the people trying to recruit kids to go to church or Sunday school!!
Funny stuff.
OH - you heard about the Kenyan bastard, Obongo, getting stitches in his lip, right? They SAID it was a basketball game, but the truth is he passed by a mirror and slammed his face into it to kiss his image... kinda like Narcissus.

Defender said...

I hoped it was satire too, but the Klan picture at the bottom leads me to think it's serious.
Even if it's tongue-in-cheek, they're out there. Cher said on Jay Leno "The Teabaggers are f---ing nuts." (On a live broadcsast)
I remember her ex-husband Congressman Sonny Bono weeping at the testimony about what the feds did at Waco. I believe he was angry enough to get something done. Not long after, he had his fatal "skiiing accident." And she's still here.

Anonymous said...

Location: San Francisco
Explains it all.


Philly Sucks said...

Coffee Man is a parody. Just laugh at all the San Francisco freaks that think it's a good resource!

oldsmobile98 said...

CoffeeMan said:

"Talking with your children will alive some of the anxiety you are feeling."

Dude, I think you meant alleviate.

Bad Cyborg said...

I'd like to read the report but the link is dead.

Anonymous said...

It's a parody site. Look at the titles on the side bar. Funny stuff.
I used to have a prog co-worker that sounded similar though. He was pretty funny too.


1911A1 said...

No, actually I think this whack-job is serious-and seriously demented.

Exhibit A:

Any questions?

Shy Wolf said...

LOL, DrD- ain't no way no how any person who's ever espoused such claptrap will ever get help from me in any way, shape or form. In fact, if I see one on fire, I'll throw more gas on them just to insure they cook well-well-done!
Satire or not, I refuse to have mercy for the likes of people as this.

Rhodes said...

Forget the blog Im trying to decide if these replies are serious...

The world has become a very confusing place.

Defender said...

Thanks for the link, 1911. They're not being ironic.
Well, Coffee Man, Peace Corps workers don't aid poor countries by SENDING money, they go LIVE there. I bet Korean Air has a San Francisco terminal. I wouldn't expect to find coffee in N. Korea, though. A substitute can be made from tree bark, but I hear they've eaten that.

Uncle Lar said...

Based on the title my first thought was to cook up a big pot of "welcome neighbor" venison chili. And when I dropped it off we could compare carry weapons and fill them in on the best local gun shops and ranges.
Then I actually read the article. OMG, goes to prove that some folks just cannot be trusted with a keyboard.

Anonymous said...

" The world has become a very confusing place. "

Nothing to be confused about, it's mostly in the open now. Nobody really needs to ride a horse and shout that the commies are coming.

We're in the part now where the issues are deliberately confused and distorted to facilitate the Marxist acquisition of power. The hope is, that by the time you figure it out, you'll have a gun pointed at your head or they have already shot you dead.

Yes Virginia, it's part of a plan. They know what they are doing as do many others. The only people who don't know are the American people who are being deliberately kept from realizing what is happening to them and their country.

TPaine said...

E-Gads! I have several of these families living in MY neighborhood! One of them has a pick-up truck covered with bumperstickers. Oh, wait...I'm one of them! And it's my pick-up!

This is a parody, nothing more! (I think!) I will return to the site and read a few more articles, but I think it's al a joke!

Defender said...

David Codrea at The War on Guns has the story of woman who made threats to a radio host about "doing something around a government building" and "showing what the second amendment is all about."
She's a member of the leftist Green Party, it turns out. The media MAY not find that fact relevant enough to mention.
We expected false-flag operations.

Anonymous said...

The worst part of Amerika is that everyone is in DENIAL of what is happening to this once great country. People that I considered patriots and veterans, too, don't want to hear what's going on. I'm considered a conspiracy freak because I tell them to wake up and open their mind. Question everything you are told, do some research and see if Faux News is telling you the truth or just more gov't propaganda.
The sad ending to this ostrich syndrome is that Amerika deserves whatever happens next. The people have decided their own fate and it ain't pretty. Majority rule will win out in the end.


Dennis308 said...

I don't think this dude would like my neighborhood too well. Pick-Ups,Guns,and Big Dogs(some of them are rather mean like mine) everywhere.But we put up fences to keep out liberals,progressives and other assorted assholes out.


Mark Matis said...

For Shy Wolf:

He won't want or need your help because the pigs will be glad to help him.

Dedicated_Dad said...


It's a MOCKERY site.

Seriously -- everything, right down to the aforementioned mug-shot proves it.

It's GOOD mockery -- so good that the people mocking (and their enemies) may actually take it seriously -- as we've proven here.

Look again and really THINK. The guy calls himself "coffee man" and uses the aforementioned mug-shot for an avatar? That alone should prove the point.

It's a joke - and a damn good one. Now added to my daily travels!


PS: No sh*t, WV="airrhed"


Defender said...

I guess you're right, Dad. They ARE *WAY* over the top. Too much so to be for real.

For example,

I'm a little embarrassed.
We shouldn't be too embarassed, though. I think it was Fox News that ran a story from the satirical website The Onion as if it were real, last week. The times, they are amazin'.