Monday, November 8, 2010

Political opinions as targeting information for cops.

SPLC and bumper stickers.


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't surprise me. They did it with Ron Paul supporters.

Anonymous said...

What a shock.... Care about your constitutional rights and your country and express it and presto! Instant terrorist!

But I wouldn't say it too loud because some people take enormous offense at being lied about.

Sorry folks, I felt I had to say it although I know it's in vain. I know who these people are and what they want. Wanting is sometimes, a better thing than getting.

Anonymous said...

Was pulled over recently for speeding and expired tags. Was given a verbal warning and told " I saw the tags were expired and lit you up before I saw the Molon Labe sticker in the window. Since I had already lit you up I went ahead and pulled you over but there is no way I would write a ticket to one of the good guys. "
I know you have had some bad experiences but in mine most of the local police I encounter are on our side.

ParaPacem said...

Mikey -
first thought - why not banish the basement dwelling dweebs who use Mommy's laptop to post 'anonymous' witticisms, in between cruising gay and kiddie porn sites? If they can't sign up, they don't have anything worth wasting your space on.

Second thought - wouldn't the use of bumper stickers, regardless of whether they said "Bernardine Says, Off The Pigs!", or "UN out of US!" or 'Fry Mumbia", to determine the reason for pulling someone over, amount to that Most Hideous Of All Sins, "PROFILING" ???

Dedicated_Dad said...

So,I guess it's official, then.

In the Leftard "mind", Founding Father == "terrorist", but"guy who straps on bomb-vest and murders innocents is a "freedom fighter."

(insert rolling eyes here)


Anonymous said...

They cry crocodile tears while at the same time, bashing doors and gunning down innocents.


Maybe we should get Ron Paul to introduce a bill designating the SPLC as a terrorist organization.

Rhodes said...

There is going to be a fine line between remaining off the radar and cowardice that many will have to walk. I don't know what is coming but face it we have seen this before, a segment of the population is being demonized and the next step is always the same.

Of course it is gratifying to throw the truth out there in the form of a bumper sticker but lets face it all we may be doing is putting on our own yellow stars. God prove me wrong please.

Defender said...

" DOUGLASVILLE, Ga. (AP)- It began with a brawl outside a house party. A woman hit a man, and the man refused to strike back, saying he wouldn't hit a girl. Instead, he vowed to attack the next male who walked by, even if that person was a random stranger.

That's when 18-year-old Bobby Tillman happened to approach a group of four partygoers, who swiftly stomped, kicked and punched him to death while dozens of bystanders watched..."

While the police are following patriots around.

Anonymous said...

This video made my stomach drop a little (a lot of things I have been reading lately have.) I hope this is not a training video for law enforcement. It seemed to vague, like they were trying to group everybody as rightwing extremist. I don’t believe in “sovereign citizen” philosophy. I actually group them as anarchist. If you want a working society, you have to pay your FAIR share of taxes. The part where they believe in the County Sherriff has the highest authority is a good idea, but we will never see that again in this country. We need state and local law enforcement. The days where every house had a musket by the front door to use when your neighbor needed help is gone. Back then there was no need for city/town police because people took care of each other. (Sorry for the ramble…)