Tuesday, November 9, 2010

"Night of the Living Fudds" -- Help spread the word. The cat, the dog and the chicken under the galvanized washtub. "Victory through hare power."

Defender, one of the many members of the Irregular commentariat to this email to Paul Helmke said:

Installing a diving board over the wolverine enclosure, I see. Going after Granpa Elmer's Remmy or Mossberg could lead to the Night of the Living Fudds.

Give that man a kewpie doll!

You wouldn't believe how the heathen Fudd Prags are raging in my email. You can help create more Fudd zombies by spreading the link to every gun board you know -- ARFcom, the Class III sites, every place where gored oxen graze. I forgot yesterday to forward a copy to Rachel Madcow, but will rectify that in a moment. The facts are solid. The only question is what can we motivate the Fudds, the citizen disarmament crowd and the ATF to do to each other. I suspect the sound will be rather like the time that my bored father and his young brothers put a dog, a cat, and a chicken under a galvanized washtub and tapped the bare wire of the electric fence to the tub. Each thought the other critter was the aggressor and my father reported that, although all of them survived the experience -- thanks to my Grandmother's intervention (who had been alerted by the pandemonium) -- the noise was perfectly satanic. Little hellions.

Oh, wait, I resemble that remark.

"Ain't I a stinker?"


Old Pablo III said...

We are need to learn to have more fun like this.

Anonymous said...

You are aware that this blog and its description of your efforts can be read by all the people you think you are hoodwinking, huh, genius?

Anonymous said...

I laughed so damn hard I had trouble breathing. Defender does have a way of doing that to you.

Then I sobered up and a tear comes to my eye because this is happening in my country, and it isn't by accident.