Tuesday, November 9, 2010

David Codrea asks the question: "Is ATF's Cavanaugh a credible SPLC spokesman?"

What? A guy who successfully committed perjury in front of Congress can't work for the Southern Preposterous Lie Center?


EJR914 said...

Its truly scary, and looking at this from the perspective of history, this isn't going to end well. Conservatives are certainly under attack in this country, my stooges like the SPLC, and now they have the ear of the DHS/ATF/DOJ. Man, this is going to end badly.

Anonymous said...

I watched them lie on national T.V. and the reason I know that lies were told is related to simple observational skills.

When you're a cop, you develop a fine tuned sensory array. I watched one of them give an impassioned statement which instantly sent up red flags in me and told me he was lying. It's a gut thing and I know, without any doubts to this day, that he was lying. That also means that everyone else was also lying as well.

It also means that there are people who know that lies were told, what those lies were, in short the who, what, why, where, when and how of it all, and are covering up to this day.

So much for my trust of this government and it's members. Some animals are more equal than others and the average citizen is not their equal, in their minds and haven't been for some time. They will do and say anything to win and their masters know it, encourage it, and support those who engage in it.

This government no longer belongs to us. They think that we, belong to them and they mean to keep it that way, and give us the bill for it as well.