Thursday, November 11, 2010

I am ashamed to say that this anal sphincter is my Congressman.

Spencer Bachus, GOP Congressman from Alabama.
Meet Spencer Bachus.

Rep. Bachus lashed out against Palin and the Tea Party on November 4th while speaking to the South Shelby (Ala.) Chamber of Commerce. “The Senate would be Republican today except for states (in which Gov. Palin endorsed candidates) like Christine O’Donnell in Delaware,” Bachus said. “Sarah Palin cost us control of the Senate.” He went on to say that Tea Party candidates did well in U.S. House races, but in the U.S. Senate races, “they didn’t do well at all.” Bachus is mistaken in his attempts to place blame. In fact, it is the very policies he champions that cost the GOP its chance to win control of the Senate.

Bachus comes from a gerrymandered safe GOP district. The only chance we had to beat him was in the GOP primary, where a Tea Party backed candidate, a minister, was too nice to run against Bachus' pitiful record. If there's a GOP face on the banking crisis, it is his. But could we talk about that? Nooooo. Could we talk about how he sold his soul to the PRC communists in the 90s? Nooooo. So Bachus is still there. He had better retire after this though, or I'LL run against him in 2012, and even if he beats me, his reputation will not survive the experience.

Medical book drawing of the anal sphincter.


sofa said...

May your path from organizer, to Senator, and to President be swift.

It's happenned before!

Concerned American said...

Brilliant captions, old boy.

Just brilliant.

Pat H. said...

It's scumbags (note, a scumbag is a used condom) like Bachus, Snow, and Graham that will prevent any semblance of lawful government based on the Constitution.

How many committee chairs will they take because they're senior to worthwhile men and women who won last week?

The candidate that ran against Bachus in the primary went for his throat with a feather, with predictable results.

Anonymous said...

It's hard to win when the whole machine goes against you (Colorado). And it is hard to win when you are a Democrat plant (Delaware), even if the opponent is an admitted Marxist. And beating a Good ol boy system that put people like Rep. Bachus in power, is even harder (Alaska). And beating a candidate who runs TV commercials that the MSM thinks you would run, is damn near impossible (Manchin-West Virginia).

Good luck on your running in the GOP Primary in 2012 to beat this guy. I'd consider sending a few of the soon to be worthless dollars to your campaign.

Defender said...

I watched "Iron Man 2" last night. I loved the scene in which billionaire industrialist Tony Stark, who is Iron Man, humiliates the Senate committee trying to appropriate his Iron Man suit and its technology for "the American people."
Gary Shandling is perfect as Sen. Stern, an Arlen Specter look-alike who is the ringleader. Iron Man could have just pinched his head off. Would have loved to see it.

Anonymous said...

"[T]he GOP establishment is preparing to reward Bachus with the chairmanship of the House Financial Services Committee,.."

If Boehner and Cantor cultivate Bacillus (sic) as chairman of this important committee, they will betray their mandate to cut spending. Watch this vote closely for an indication of Republican fiscal policy in the upcoming legislative session.


Anonymous said...

There was a write-in candidate running against him Nov 2nd. His name is Al Mickle. I wrote-in Al Mickle just so I would not be voting for Spencer B. with my otherwise straight Republican ballot. No matter who runs against Spencer in the Republican primary it will take a LOT of money and a candidate who can be mean to beat him, but I hope someone can!

Bad Cyborg said...

But Mike! You got the captions reversed! The first graphic was of a body part while the 2nd was of an alleged person!

I understand why you put the captions in so we would be able to tell the difference between two such similar objects but surely you didn't INTEND to get the captions reversed!

Did you??


Bad Cyborg X

Justthisguy said...

I thought Anal Sphincter was the former Senator from Pennsylvania.

Anonymous said...




Mark Matis said...

For Justthisguy:
He still IS, at least until January. And he can do a lot more damage in that time, starting next week.

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't that be. . . .
Sen Sphincter Bachus?

B Woodman

wv: curil -- It's enough top "curil" my hair!

Anonymous said...

In two years I might be living in Tuscaloosa. You've got my vote.

Willy Pete said...

FWIW - an older tribute, in part, to
Spencer Bachus and his master...

Scott J said...

I wrote in Stan Cooke. Didn't know about the Mickle campaign.

To give you an idea of the machine that protects Bauchus: after he won the primary my boss said to me "I couldn't vote for that other guy. Someone at my Church told me he was a pervert".

My only response was that I didn't know anything about Stan's personal life.