Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Three-letter frog in Kerodin's pocket? Anecdotes of the Kerodin career. A convicted extortionist. Turns out his real name is Christian Hyman.

Actually, calling this guy a "toadsuck" is an insult to honest folks in Arkansas.

These links were provided by some helpful readers. Obviously my concern about Kerodin is merely a manifestation of my "over-inflated ego." (See comments defending Kerodin in previous post).

When Helpfulness Becomes Extortion.

“Across the business spectrum, the vast majority of companies are taking a far too lax posture on this security issue,” says consultant Christian Kerodin. “You need someone to identify the weak spots for the landlord and offer him some deterrent without breaking his budget.”

But Mr. Kerodin allegedly took an additional step toward dealing with the terrorist threat. In the process, he was arrested as a criminal.

Kerodin wrote top mall CEOs in the Washington, D.C., area and offered his services as a consultant. Allegedly included in the deal was exclusion of their shopping centers from mention in an upcoming blistering report he said he was preparing on mall security.

Not easily intimidated, the mall CEOs pooled their resources to investigate Mr. Kerodin, whose real name is Christian Hyman. After discovering that his experience as a security consultant was questionable, they called in the Department of Homeland Security. A Secret Service officer posing as a developer met with Hyman, who was arrested and charged with extortion after allegedly asking for a $120,000 payoff to “go away.”

Man admits to obstructing audit

In the extortion case, Christian Kerodin, 36, of Alexandria pleaded guilty to telling several local companies that he would showcase them in a report criticizing D.C.-area mall security unless they hired him to do security assessments. He faces up to 30 years in prison and a $500,000 fine.

Man sentenced for extortion; Alexandria resident targeted malls in security scam.

An Alexandria man was sentenced yesterday in federal court to 30 months in prison and fined $6,000 after he pleaded guilty in January to charges of extortion and possessing an unregistered short-barreled rifle.

U.S. Attorney Paul J. McNulty in Alexandria said Christian Kerodin, 36, was sentenced by U.S. District Judge Gerald Bruce Lee . . .

Here's another link from Virginia Lawyers Weekly summing up the case.

"Possessing a short-barreled rifle." Hmmm. Presumably he came into contact with the ATF during this process. Now as a convicted felon, he's easily threatened with a violation that would throw him back in the federal pen. So the frog in his pocket has three initials?

I suppose next I'll get some sort of extortion demand from this toadsuck. Something on the order of "pay me to go away and I will."

Good luck with that, Kerodin or Hyman or whatever your name is and whatever master you really serve.



Allen said...

security extortion is potentially not the only scam.


they're attempting to break into the publishing business too under the name "Kerodina Press"



Anonymous said...

Kerotin's "Vanderbough" post was really a piece of work.

A few excerpts:

"I don't hide, from anyone."

I would argue that changing ones name time and time again is an attempt to hide from something.

"I put my name on everything I do."

Sometimes twice!

Christian Hyman = Christian Kerodin = Sam Kerodin = Sam Kerillion = Sam Hellesponte = Sam III

For all his boasting that he has been on the government radar it was not for a patriotic cause, but for a scam involving extortion which preyed upon post-9/11 fears!

Not having learned from the error of his ways he now uses his criminal history as if were personal experience upon which to elevate himself above others. Unbelievable.

His business ventures have included a security company, talent agency, heating and cooling, and publishing business. Who knows what else he's got going on with the other 500 domain names he admits to having.

Search the names listed above and see how many promote his books, both the fantasy novel as well as the one about the Constitution. Clearly, he's only after money and will tap into any market possible to acquire it. Even "Wench Magazine"! Money is great to have, but the love of money is the root of all evil. Judging by the scams and the number of ways he attempts to acquire money, he obviously loves it a lot.

Don't be fooled by this guy or give him further attention.

Allen said...

"Sam Kerillion"?

does the tera part express know who they have been travelling with?


Our Founding Principles: (December 2010) Kerodina Press travelled with the Tea Party Express during the Spring across the country and documented the energy, enthusiasm, and frustrations of many Americans. With the current political environment, could an economic collapse trigger a Second American Civil War? We are featuring many of the most influential voices today in the Tea Party, RTC & III Percent Communities, publishing their perspective on the state of the republic.

Allen said...

the fact that Hyman/Kerodin/Kerillion/Hellesponte/whatever he calls himself this week has not divulged this information about his arrest and impossibly short jail time shows that he is likely an intel asset of an agency.

which one..who knows. likely ATF. and odds are if yu've ever bought one of his books when TSHTF you will get a visit from someone.

EJR914 said...

Well done, Mike. You sure can smell them from a mile away. Good on you.

Anonymous said...

According to this article, written by someone referencing Kerodin, the "security consultant" had over 20 years of experience in security protocols, foreign policy and counter-terrorism.


Where would this author have gotten that kind of information, except were it not what the self-proclaimed security consultant Kerodin wanted people to believe?

An article written several months later describes Kerodin as being 36 years of age at the time of being convicted.


Even starting at age 36, going back 20 years puts him at 16 years old. Just how much experience in security protocols, foreign policy and counter-terrorism could a 16-year-old really have?

Always overselling himself and his credentials, it seems. Now he wants to write a book about the III Patriots, based upon his extensive knowledge and involvement, of course.

Carol said...

Now he's working on us. I'm waiting for the request for money.

Blog Author said...

I have been all over his websites, repeatedly, trying to figure this guy out, for months.

If you read his own blog carefully (the blue colored background one) he seems to be planning a murder spree when the SHTF or at least urging people to do so, based on how their neighbors voted in the last 2 elections. For a professed Constitutionalist that's pretty darn unconstitutional (and horrifying). Moreover he says both D and R are valid targets, hey dude that's like 98% of voters... WTF? He also suggests people target SEIU organizers.

The first thing when I read that was, how come the feds haven't visited him for that? Was it carefully worded enough to escape prosecution? Or is he an asset?

Keep in mind that infamous mobster Whitey Bulger got away with murder and worse for years because he was also a snitch. This Kerodin guy might be really bad news to anyone he thinks crossed him for whatever reason.

He also brags about his numerous scoundrel/street thug acquaintances, like they're some posse that will just go thump someone for him, out of loyalty of course to his Badassedness.

Can someone find his mug shot?

Anonymous said...

You might want to consider reposting this one of yours, tied to this one.