Thursday, November 11, 2010

"AirBATFU" -- David Codrea points out that original ATF ruling has now been pulled down. Whose career is being flushed down the toilet?

Flushing your own career down the toilet. Is that Ken Melson's hand or Teresa Ficaretta's hand on the lever? My bet is one or the other.

"Question: Why can't the original page be found? What's with a cached version only? Perhaps it's just an innocuous glitch, but where BATFU is concerned, I make no assumptions."

Here are some questions I have: Did Kenneth "The Grinch" Melson sign something that the Chief Counsel's Office Cabal stuck in front of him without understanding its significance? If so, did Ficaretta, Rubenstein & Little Jimmy Vann, et. al. do this deliberately to sandbag him? If so, it wouldn't be the first time. Alone in the agency, Melson has the opportunity to put an end to the CCO's machinations. From what we hear, he's the only honest guy in the whore house. Or was it perhaps Main Justice who ordered it pulled down, tired as they are of CCO screw-ups?

More grist for the oversight hearings of 2011.

Yee haw!

And remember one thing. Even if Melson throws up his hands at cleaning out the ATF's Augean Stables, he can still be subpoenaed by the appropriate committees to testify later.

Yee haw indeed.



Anonymous said...

The ATF is not as valuable as what goes down the toilet and into the sewer!
I would not insult feces by calling it ATF.

Defender said...

I saw too that the EPA decided the petition to ban lead in fishing weights did not have merit and rejected it.
Being a keyboard commando isn't such a bad thing after all. Silence is consent.

Anonymous said...

OT - but....

Anonymous said...

A little off the subject but I guess when you're talking about silliness and the government, it counts. In any case, they aren't going to stop being who they are and doing anything they please. It's as if freedom was a vampire and our government is chasing it with a stake.

I posted there:

It's too bad you can't make these things or anything.... I mean gee whiz, a little scrap metal and a drill, maybe a file and you got yourself a fine little NFA weapon.

Incidentally, I just happen to have seen one of these once. Produced in a "correctional facility" by someone in desperate need of additional correction, a fully functional (1200rpm) copy of the S&W mod76 9mm smg, with ammo found elsewhere within.

It's not like it's a secret but they sure make certain not to report anything about it, or similar instances.

Wonder why.