Friday, November 12, 2010

The eve of conflict.

From T.L. Davis.


Anonymous said...

It has long puzzled me why it is that state capitals are all very "liberal" even in traditionally conservative states.

Fits the pattern of capture depicted in the artical IMHO.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good idea.

Anonymous said...

Good article. One of the commenters on that article, MamaLiberty, asked, "Where's the teeth?" (paraphrased) I have to agree with her on that one, the powers that be didn't pay much attention to Tea Party rallies. In fact, they openly avoided and ridiculed them. This ongoing rally won't be seen as much of a threat either, although it is highly symbolic. They will never be able to say they weren't warned.

I think at this point in the game, forgive me for calling it that, the teeth could be as simple as a sheet of paper: A Declaration of War.

A Declaration of War can be conditional, written as a threat to counter another threat: "If you do that then we will do this." If the mandate goes into effect in 2014 as expected, then civil war begins on that self-same day. This is the message of the article and a Declaration of War would put teeth behind their final peaceful protest. We believe such a time of war is coming, but THEY need to believe it too. Make them believe it.

The failure of tyrants to heed the warning by allowing the mandate to go into effect will in the self-same minute unleash thousands upon thousands of lone wolves across the nation who will be on the hunt without restraint. Let the powers that be chew on that for a while.

Since it is a conditional threat, one which goes away if the mandate goes away, it is not certain to come to pass. However, a specific date in 2014 will be set in stone for which Patriots must prepare. This will also give the neutral public time to prepare as well.

The powers that be established a date for an unprecedented form of tyranny through a health care mandate to become a reality in our lives. They made no bones about it, the day is coming for us in only three short years. Many have promised to resist, some even claim they will take up arms, but they have not established a date for it. It is easy to say you'll do something when action can be delayed indefinitely. Having an established date on record brings a definitive reality to our present situation.

Those who really believe the words of this article need to be fit, willing, and able to fulfill the conditions of the threat. If they are serious then write it up and start put the fear of God into our leaders now lest our country truly dive headfirst into civil war in 2014.

There is no need to circulate a Declaration of War for signatures, for petitions aren't being taken seriously either. Just write it up and put it out there so it can circulate in public for three years as a self-explanatory proclamation. It will silently serve to build up a giant sleeper cell as thousands of Patriots commit to it privately.

How many will commit to it? We won't know, but because the imagination tends to exaggerate fears of the unknown there will be many sleepless nights for some people. Let them toss and turn with worry about the future of our country for a change.

Anonymous said...

In my state of residence, the Attorney General-elect has promised to bring suit against the implementation of Obamacare.

Having no great faith in the veracity of elected officials, I am helping to circulate a tea party-sponsored ballot initiative.

It would amend the state constitution, making it illegal to compel anyone to join in a health care system (be forced to buy health insurance), immunizing them against penalties or fines for failing to purchase health care or health care insurance.

I am unable to help lay siege to Sodom on the Potomac, but that does not prevent me from supporting this good effort on my native soil.


Concerned American said...


DoW is a really good idea. Don't want to tie it to Obamacare solely though.