Saturday, November 20, 2010

Gilbert and Sullivan Updated.

I'll be forwarding this on to SPLC myself. They're not the only ones with lists.


Anonymous said...

You know what this means! They will TRY to reclaim it soon. Either legally(unsuccessfully), or forcefully(just try it). Some of them look Middle Eastern in the video. Hmmmmmmmm!

Dennis308 said...

Try to take back Texas and see what Ya get, 6 feet of dirt on your face.


Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that the list contains a who's who of the left, but it neglects to mention the criminals and enablers on the right who are equally guilty.

No mention of the Nixon-era Republicans (many of whom are still haunting us) who voted to extend most-favored-nation status to China, opening the door for millions of good manufacturing jobs to be shipped overseas.

No mention of the trickle-down Reaganomics criminals who buried us under their bloated military spending, militant "war on drugs" policies and the Iran contra. Many of those players are still Washington insiders as well.

And let's not forget the Bush era. I think we all know the crimes committed there.

Which brings us to the most recent outrage, the so-called "Libertarians", led by that hypocrite Rand Paul. The man's all fired up about reducing government spending, unless of course it involves reducing medicare and medicade payments to doctors like him. He wants everything handled at the state or local level, but he has no objections to accepting out-of-state campaign contributions.

If we're going to make a list, that's great. I fully endorse lists. But let's be sure we're making the list as complete and correct as it can be, otherwise it's a wasted effort.

Anonymous said...

Why is everybody always pickin on me. Stupid is as stupid does.Doubling down on stupid seems to be the in thing these days.Glad I was able to make an appleseed and get propper instruction.400 yards can do, thank you appleseed!

Clay Moore said...

Genius! And the height of satirical irony, because any of the communists who see this, will NOT know that it is serious... they will think it is a joke and never stop to think, Hwy, wait a minute, what if the peons really DO have a list? What if I'm ON it?
Heh heh heh. Just keep smiling, lefties.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the creator is honored to have his work hosted on this blog.

Defender said...

Excellent. There are such clever and creative people in FreeFor.

Synchronicity is at work. The other day I posted this, I forget where:

I am the very model of a modern-day militiaman.
You'll find ten million like me from Key West on up to Ketchikan.
We used to work in paying jobs in offices and factories,
But now we have all day to calculate bullet trajectories.
And strategize our tactics for the day the sh-- will hit the fan.
We are the very model of the modern-day militiaman.

Gilbert and Sullivan lends iself so well to this, since their comic operettas were safe ways to make fun of stuffy English aristocratic ways.

Anonymous at 9:57, I've seen freedom websites encourage us to send out-of-state candidates money. Freedom is freedom, anywhere, and those who support it should expect and receive help from anywhere. Reducing Medicare and Medicaid FRAUD, WASTE and ABUSE would save millions of dollars. Obamacare will/would have eventually pay doctors a mandated flat rate, like car mechanics, the way socialist medicine works in Europe. Nurses are already having their licenses pulled for not repaying student loans. Paul's fighting to let the market decide, not the government, as far as I know. Maybe fewer $500,000 federal grants to study the reproductive habits of the Brazilian coconut snail or to teach African bushmen to wash their genitals after sex...?

DB said...

I'll go with stolen Native American land (some of it), but, mexican? If I'm not mistaken, I believe we bought the land from them.

Defender said... had a link to a site saying a Nostradamus prediction says Sarah Palin will be elected president.
Synchronicity, again. I was leafing through his "Complete Prophecies" before I even saw that.

One quatrain says "Against the reds, sects shall gather themselves,
Fire, water, iron, rope, by peace it shall be destroyed,
Those that conspire shall be put to death,
Except one, who above all shall ruin the world."

Consider that the conservative-majority states are RED states.
Sounds like we win our country but Commandante Zero accomplishes his goal.

Defender said...

Unless the demonstrators are full-blood Aztecs, Incas, Mayans, Olmecs or Toltecs, they're colonizers and trespassers too. When the Spanish and Portuguese invaders, founders of Mexico and Central and South American Latin countries, got there, there were already people. They enslaved or killed them and took everything. I thank them for reminding us.

Anonymous said...

Some folks need to watch their step. Unless they're looking forward to a visit from the US Secret Service. Looks like a threat against the President and several other prominent political figures here.