Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sam Adams at the time of the Powder Alarm, 1774. "I have written to our friends to provide themselves without delay with Arms & Ammunition."

Dr. Thomas Young wrote to Adams reporting that, upon the news that the British had seized a supply of colonial gunpowder from Charlestown, tens of thousands of colonists had taken up arms and marched in that direction, from as far away as Connecticut. Samuel Adams replied to him, "I have written to our friends to provide themselves without delay with Arms & Ammunition, get well instructed in the military Art, embody themselves & prepare a complete set of rules that they may be ready in Case they are called to defend themselves against the violent attacks of Despotism." -- Samuel Adams, A Life by Ira Stoll, p. 137.


Scott J said...

Problem is some of us heard his arms & ammo call across the ages in spades.

I've been collecting since 1992 and it's a full-blown sickness now :)

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm.... Dr. Vanderboegh I presume. Or is it Mr. Revere? Perhaps both.

Anonymous said...

Sam Adams, you rabble rouser, I just came for the fried chicken.

Sam Adams was the father of our country.

Mountain Rifleman

Anonymous said...

They really do have a way with words.

WarriorClass said...

Is this now your alarm?

Where and when?


EJR914 said...

I wish we'd do the same whenever despots confiscate our firearms illegally as well, but it won't and it doesn't.

Anonymous said...

Some of us have provided for ourselves and are even now giving instruction in the martial arts.

Some of us still hear the call of freedom, and answer that call with a smile and a defiant attitude.

Semper FI, is not just some Latin words to some of us.

Defender said...

"to PROVIDE THEMSELVES with arms and ammunition" and training.
Citizen-soldiers, and an individual right.
But how can we possibly know what the Founders thought about gun rights, people ask.

Dennis308 said...

The whatabe Tyrants of today would do well to remember the History ofthis once Great Nation, and how and why we came to be.

Been storing up for a while and still storing up cause it don'tlook as though these Dispotts know where to find a History book much less how to read one.


Defender said...


Let me clarify. The teens weren't killed because they were bored, they killed SOMEONE ELSE because they were bored.
Beat him to death. In gun-unfriendly Connecticut.
Government officials want us living around THAT unarmed. And then they think it will be a cakewalk to take guns from people who are motivated by a hell of a lot more than mere boredom.
If more of us would shed the fear of getting on a list and say "We're armed, no one has been harmed, so there's no need to be alarmed. Get used to it"...