Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Lying collectivist bastard David Neiwert's latest Conflationary Concoction -- Enemy Propaganda Preparing the Battlespace.

I think civil wars begin with the smallest of social estrangements and work their way to Gotterdammerung along an escalating path strewn with unthinking banal discourtesies, deliberate slights, virulent name calling and finally assaults -- first on the truth, then on the law and, at last, on each other.

I say this because David Neiwert died violently last night, and when told, I didn't give a hoot in hell. I actually grimly smiled and muttered, "Serves the lying collectivist bastard right."

Then I woke up.

-- Mike Vanderboegh, "And thus the abyss beckons: "David Neiwert died violently last night." Sipsey Street Irregulars, Monday, July 27, 2009

Long time readers will recall the name of David Neiwert in these pages here and here for two examples.

A snippet:

I suppose at this point, I should hasten to make plain that, as far as I know, David Neiwert is still above room temperature. He remains a major proponent of what Professor Robert Churchill calls "The Narrative of 1995," (see To Shake Their Guns in the Tyrant's Face, University of Michigan Press, 2009), which elides and conflates the very real differences between the constitutional militia movement and the racists who sought to infiltrate and take it over. (Much as the same dynamic seen in the efforts of the various communist parties in the Sixties and Seventies to infiltrate and manipulate the broader-based anti-Vietnam War movement, something I know about first-hand.)

An early example of this can be found here in a 1997 article for the Montana Law Review Symposium entitled Ash on the Sills: The Significance of the Patriot Movement in America.

Of course it is in the political and economic interests of the pimps of the Narrative of 1995 to lump us all into a big, sticky ball of excrement with the neoNazis, the Klan and the "Christian" Indentities. By inflating the racist collectivist balloon man, they hope to obscure the larger body of non-racists so as to be able to ignore our very real concerns and arguments -- issues of rapacious government and police violence that have absolutely nothing to do with race -- concerns and arguments that the Founders would have certainly understood better than the collectivism of Neiwert and Associates.

The bitter irony for folks like me who have spent just about their entire lives fighting neoNazis and their racist running dogs like the Klan and Identity is that people like Neiwert, Morris "the Molester" Dees, and Mark "the Hindenberg" Pitcavage (who started out selling names culled from trolling on militia Internet sites to the FBI and now provides "the brain trust" on "extremist" subjects for the ADL) only talk about fighting collectivist racism and anti-Semitism, whereas we do it, every day at street level, incurring considerable risk to ourselves and our families in the process.

I recall these exchanges from last year because once again Neiwert has concocted another collectivist conflationary attack piece on the leviathan state's most committed ideological opponents -- the Tea Parties, Larry Pratt, the Oath Keepers and the constitutional militia movement.

Once again he lumps us in with the neoNazi boogeyman in ways that stretch credulity -- characterizing Sierra Times for example as "an Identity-oriented militia magazine," when it was founded and run for many years by this man, J.J. Johnson.

Does this constitutionalist militiaman look like a white racist and anti-Semite to you?

Slandering Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America is long-established boilerplate for liars like Neiwert. I've known Larry for more than 15 years and he doesn't have a racist or anti-Semitic bone in his body. He is, first and foremost, a Bible-believing Christian and that fact informs everything he does.

But Neiwert is not interested in truth. Neiwert's "Goebbels House of Collectivist Conflation" ("Over 1,276,321 Lies and Half-truths Purveyed") is a cottage industry for him and has been for a very long time. What he sells are ideologically driven lies. What they amount to in the aggregate is collectivist propaganda preparation of the battlespace for civil war.

Julius Streicher could remind Neiwert that no doubt there will be a place on the gibbet for collectivist propagandists in the aftermath of the American civil war he is so assiduously seeking by soliciting government "crack downs" on the victims of his lies -- if Streicher were still around that is.

Not that it would make a difference. Neiwert at least understands that this is a war of ideology and his "reporting" reflects the collectivist dialectic. Should he end up like Streicher after his own war crimes trial, my bet -- not that I expect to live to see it -- is that Neiwert will go to the hangman's noose unapologetic and unrepentant -- for certainly he understands exactly what he is doing. He will walk proudly into the abyss he did his best to dig, having done his utmost to serve the lying, murderous collectivist dialectic god he worships.

The wages of collectivist propagandism. Julius Streicher's remains shortly after his soul was consigned to Hell.


Anonymous said...

The central point is made clear in the heart of the propaganda piece.

"They look at them as a potential pool of people who could be brought along a little further."

The deepest fear of fascists is education of the masses. They are scrambling to prevent the belief in liberty from going mainstream. Hit pieces like this is a good sign. They are afraid. But it is also a reminder that fascists will say -or do- anything to stay in power.

Pat H. said...

I've located and downloaded Neiwert's "Ash on the Sills" piece.

It is agitprop of the first order, and in typical progressive/fascist attack methodology, it is claiming that we American Patriots are what they, to their core, really are.

The progressive/fascists are what Mussolini, Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao, Castro, and now, Obama, were or are.

Consider Neiwert on the "list".

Defender said...

Some dim individuals comment in support of Niewert,but most commenters see him for what he is.
I've corresponded with J.J. Johnson and had essays published on Sierrra Times once or twice. I don't recall anything that could even be mistaken for hate speech originating there. And we know how solidly for liberty Mr. Pratt and Niewart's other targets are. Why should anyone listen to him whose ignorant prejudices are not already marrow-deep?
Niewert thinks he's a master race baiter,but he's simply a lonely masturbator. Hee hee.

Don said...

They are afraid. But it is also a reminder that fascists will say -or do- anything to stay in power.

That is an absolute fact... many of the sheeple were jolted awake a couple of years ago. They now see what is going on and they now see the past and ongoing deception by the left.

The only thing that has held the Leftist off for years, has been the fear of reigniting the militia movement after damn near destroying them in the mid nineties.

The ongoing push of our 2A activist/constitutional movement and yes... the militias, have put the fear back in them.

The American socialists/marxists have been found out and their techniques dragged into the public view, and they dare not strike out. Because in addition to weapons and ammo sales going off the scale, the militia's have become more mainstream and cross identified with the members of the TEA Party, Patriot/Constitutional Activists and other conservative groups.

The progressives and their minions see the writing on the walls and will try to ram the remaining items through during the lame duck. The only reason they slowed down after the heatlthcare debacle was because they saw the militia's and other Patriot groups spooling up to remove their sorry asses and they backed off a notch, so they can try to "prepare the battlefield".

Unfortunately for them, they had removed their masks too early and the average joe saw the lefties for what they really are. Unfortutaly for us, we are waaaaaay behind the 8 ball and they are only going to accelerate their actions and attacks.

The only benefit I see in the GOPs return, is that it bought us a little more time prepare and awaken more of the sheeple.

The die has already been cast for our future, it was cast over a hundred years ago by progressives, who, over time, infiltrated every segment of our society. The next few years will decide whether we can break that die and live in liberty rather than servitude.

rexxhead said...

heh heh...

I didn't know until just this moment that J.J.Johnson was black.

I knew that Larry Pratt was not a Nazi, neo- or otherwise, but it's rich to reflect on Niewert's cluelessness now that I have a better mind-picture of Johnson.

Anonymous said...

I get it--you're not violent at all...except when you're dreaming of the violent deaths of those who dare to speak the truth about you and your allies, oh, and except for when you are explicitly describing how these people will be put to death in the fantasy world to be created after the 0.000000000003%ers come to power.

Other than THAT, yeah, you're not violent at all. Oh, except for the encouraging people to commit acts of vandalism part.

Anonymous said...

Wow, he looks so much like algore it's spooky, like they're popped out of a mold or something.

Mark Matis said...

For rexxhead:
It's not cluelessness. It's lies.

Rider said...

If the rest of America could only see that all that they say we are, is actually what they are. It is so (redacted) simple it stinks.
We have been soooooooo dumb-ed down here in the states, I am not so sure we could ever educate them in time enough to halt the coming insurrection. Of which I, nor my family, will submit.

Side Note: look in to Sustainable Development.(Icing on my cake) Brought to you right from the pits of hell, the UN. It is getting uglier everyday.

Anonymous said...

What ever he is a part of, it isn't a "cottage industry." Not anymore.


Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 4:14PM above:



Anonymous said...

Anon 4:14, we're non-violent unless attacked, when that happens we become extremely violent.

Since progressive/fascists have been attacking America and Americans for more than 100 years, killing them is ALWAYS self defence.

Defense of self,defense of family, defense of nation, defense of culture.

You progressive/fascist thugs are finished in America; the sooner you come to grips with that, the better.

Defender said...

I can see why Anonymous at 4:14 is confused and anxious. Rep. Lynn Woolsey of the House Progressive Caucus says liberals want to make sure Obama doesn’t move from "center-right," where they say he is now, to "far-right." The major media are right there with her in that assessment.
If socializing half the economy while adding trillion-dollar deficits and apologizing for our civil rights record to countries that execute homosexuals and still have slavery, and telling Republicans "We'll let them come along for the ride but they'll have to sit in the back" is "moderate conservative"...

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure Neiwert would have no problem calling Tamez a terrorist, too, given his nodding acquaintance with reality.


Defender said...

Here's what happens when you're kind to socialists: they shoot you anyway.
I had no idea South Korea was sending food and other aid to flood victims in the North Korea that wants to reabsorb them into communism against their will. That lets people starve while it pours billions into military buildups. I guess South Korea sees the common people as separate from a government of elites that they have no control over. Sounds familiar.
Anyway, aid time's over now that North Korea has shelled a South Korean fishing town for supposedly trespassing north of the sea border.
Some people don't WANT to get along, they want EVERYTHING. They will sacrifice vast numbers of their own to get it.
The good guys have to harden their hearts and not take up the slack for them anymore. Maybe when their own people reach a high enough pain index, they'll force change, or die trying. That's a common arrangement.

Anonymous said...

Sierra Times used to be a regular stop, good stuff.


David Curtis said...

I've searched the web for hours using Google and can't find any headquarters or contact information to reach J.J. Johnson or any groups officially aligned with him. I've found a few pages with his video reproduced (and re-edited) but these can be sites having nothing to do with him, they can be sites set up on purpose to paint J.J. Johnson as a whacko extremest (such as the video re-edit where someone was wearing a white cloth over his head as he spoke so nobody could identify who he was) etc. It looks like Google is manually burying his contact information to prevent people from learning more.