Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight: Kansas City Only Ones open fire on backfiring van. Acting on KCTEW "intelligence"?

A tip of the boonie hat to Bob Wright for forwarding this link to this story:

KC police fire at backfiring van

Two Kansas City police officers who thought they were being shot at from inside a van returned fire Thursday night.

Only later did police realize that the van was actually backfiring and the man inside was not armed. He was not injured by the shots fired by police.

Windows of the police car were apparently shot out by the officers as they exited the patrol car.

Of course, we'll probably find out that they fired at the van because they were briefed by KCTEW "The Sneeze" Fusion Center to be on the look out for vans with Three Percent stickers on them.

The blessing is that these mokes' marksmanship is every bit as bad as their judgment -- and merely almost as bad as the KCTEW's "intelligence."


Anonymous said...

when that occurred near butler's place, someone went to prison & he lost the compound. but, he was on the wrong side of splc.

tyrantsbane said...

That is one hell of an oops to make...if any of the unwashed masses ever did such a thing, he or she would wind up dead or below the jail.
Did you happen to see the great article (in the side bar of this story) about the farm where concerts were held that the Feds want to seize?