Tuesday, November 16, 2010

More fed pervs play with scanned body images -- something the TSA denies is possible. How about taking TSA groper names & report them to local cops?


And then there's "Freedom fades as we grope for answers."

The current Homeland Security chief, Janet Napolitano, has no credibility either. She’s still insisting scanners are “safe, efficient” and that privacy is protected because “the imaging technology that we use cannot store, export, print or transmit images.”

Whoops. U.S. Marshals have already admitted saving 35,000 naked body images from a scanning machine at a federal courthouse in Florida.

I can’t wait for the lucrative TSA black market in naked body scans of 15-year-old boys and girls — and those of famous celebrities.

I can’t wait either for the next so-called “necessary” safety measure. Scanners don’t detect contraband in body cavities. Get ready for airport colonoscopies and gynecological exams. Why not? We all know the safety-first hysterics idiotic mantra: “If that colonoscopy saves one life...”

Refusing to complete the screening process once it’s begun subjects you to civil penalties. My new hero, John Tyner, found that out when he refused to let a TSA screener, in his moving rallying cry, “Don’t touch my junk.” Tyner is facing a $10,000 fine.

Oh, what a passive, steam-rolled embarrassment of a nation we’ve become. As Ben Franklin said so well, “Those who would give up essential liberty to buy a little temporary safety deserve neither.” That’s us, 2010: deserving neither.

Why don't we file molestation charges on TSA gropers?


Anonymous said...

it is the height of naivete' to believe that these images are not saved. really now, if there were some incident where a suspect had passed through the machine, that image would be pulled & reviewed after the fact. and, i understand that machine specs require the ability to store & export images to thumb drives.

Pericles said...

If you're gay, work for the TSA.

Anonymous said...

Get ready for airport colonoscopies and gynecological exams. Why not? We all know the safety-first hysterics idiotic mantra: “If that colonoscopy saves one life...”

So a Boston Globe lib chick now decries intrusive airport colonoscopies and gynecological exams.


When leftists demanded intrusive searches aimed a gun-owners (backgroung checks, fingerprinting), it was justified with "safety-first hysterics" such as the the one she mentions: "if it saves just one life..."

But having been hoist with their own petard triggers selective resentment at being treated like a criminal?

Welcome to my world, sweetheart.

Work with me to roll back some of those repressive gun laws the Boston Globe has championed through the years and you will get my eager assistance in repeal of the Patriot Act and the TSA.


W W Woodward said...

Janet Napolitano along with the TSA are accomplishing the ends that Osama and his guided missiles began on 9/11.

The turban tops set out to disrupt our way of life and our confidence in the form of government established by our Constitution.

With the eager assistance of a knee jerk congress and power hungry bureaucrats combined with a fearful, compliant, ignorant public that mission is well on the way to being fulfilled.


Mark Matis said...

You ask"
"Why don't we file molestation charges on TSA gropers?"

We don't because the filthy maggot pigs are their ENABLERS. May they rot in hell for what they've done to this country!

Anonymous said...

Remember these people don't live in those airports. Even they have to leave and go home just like the rest of us. Just sayin...


Anonymous said...

I bet those scanners show aluminium foil real well.
Cut out a message in tinfoil and tape it too your undershirt.
The front could just have a big F^@K U, and the back a KISS HERE with an arrow pointing down.
Just tell them its a gag for your friends party, and you won't have time to change when you get off the plane.
Something else, I don't want some prev. guy looking or groping me. Pa always said having your man parts groped was woman's work! And i see no reason to question his logic......mthead III

Defender said...

Speaking of Osama & Friends, I saw the news crawler on Fox talking about some unpleasantness at the French embassy in Iran. Diplomats' guests were subjected to "inappropriate treatment and violence" by Iranian security men. The Iranian ambassador to France has been called in to answer for "violations of the Vienna Convention."
I wonder if President Sarkozy will surrender to him.
ANYWAY, it looks like the Muslims will have their three-front war, maybe?

Defender said...

Naked-scan "Opt Out Day" was mentioned on the national news. Way cool!

Anonymous said...

"Naked-scan "Opt Out Day" was mentioned on the national news. Way cool!"

Right. On a similar note, there is a movement afoot regarding shutting down airports on 1DEC by blocking the feeder roads. Not a bad idea, as ideas go, but tactics are important. Simply stopping a car in order to block traffic and tie up the road will slow down the air travel, but might anger other drivers and subject said traffic blockers to traffic tickets at the least, perhaps more depending on a host of factors.

Cars, being machines, can and do break down at the MOST inopportune moments. If one is driving to the airport and his or her car breaks down or overheats, what else can he or she do but stop the car?

In the late 60's, a fellow driving a 30' Chevy stepvan broke down on Lamar Boulevard about a block from a defense contractor's factory (or maybe their lab) just before shift change.

Gosh, golly, gee whiz, he tried to get out of the stream of traffic and ended up blocking all three lanes of traffic. Son of a gun, it took hours to get a tow truck to his location, and I think the Austin PD ended up paying for the tow. Poor fellow left his AAA card home that day.:)

Not suggesting anything to anyone who might want to disrupt airport operations, mind you, I was just recalling some history.

Shy Wolf said...

I wonder how much mayhem would ensue if all Thanksgiving travelers showed up at the airport wearing black dresses, faces covered, and claimed Mooslip exemption from both kinds of screening?

Defender said...

Heard on talk radio today: former Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff's Chertoff Group security advisory firm is connected somehow with the makers of the backscatter scanner. There's a row going on in Congress about it today.