Saturday, November 20, 2010

Doubling down on tyranny.

TSA perverts say you will do as you're told or else.


Toaster 802 said...

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TSA=KGB 11th department

It is time to call a spade a spade. Call the alphabet soup agencies what they are, using the acronyms of past agencies who differ little in methods from our own copies in this "free" country".

Dennis308 said...

Just a little reminder to TSA Employees some of the people that you are subjecting to this "inconvenience" are Family, Friends,and Neighbors where do you think that you will go in Your time of need, like when TSHTF.


Anonymous said...

Isn't there one badge carrying tax feeder who will run a sting and arrest one of these tsa pukes on a sexual assault charge?

Too much love to share here?

How about a 60s style sit in at NYC, Chi-town, LA and other major scairports on Wed next?

Anonymous said...

Maybe we should start documenting where these TSA folks live. Then we can protest in front of their homes in the public street. Wouldn't be hard. Go to the airport, find out where TSA employees park, once a uniform comes out to go to their car to go home....follow 'em. Is that against any law? I'm not sure, but if started happening, I'd bet it would cause a stir. If it's illegal, obviously....don't do it.

Anyone know?

Anonymous said...

They need a few more people to knock them asshole over teacup before they see the light of reason.

Pat H. said...

This is shaping up to be the US government's Fort Sumter.

I've already sent out a notification to others to begin to make plans about how to deal with this specific problem.

Up to now, plans have been general, now they're beginning to narrow.

It would appear that the US government thinks it's bottom rung thugs are safe at airports. The fact of the matter is that airports are some of the least safe places for scum like that.

Defender said...

A police officer would have discretion on whether to arrest an opt-out-er. Let's see what happens, and who does it. Some of them hate the fed pseudo-cops, I've read. Others will simply be upset at extra paperwork.
TSA had its chance to respond to reasoned entreaties and decided to take the hardest line possible. No sympathy for them, whatever happens.

Kevin Wilmeth said...

Anon 9:24 asks:

"Do these idiots seriously think their position will stand in court?"

Worse. They know it will. The same mob, after all, makes the law, enforces it up your arse, and then settles any disputes that attend. When Brother Darryl consults Other Brother Darryl to determine whether Darryl did anything wrong, nobody should be surprised at the result of the "hearing".

Anyone who asks Anon's question seriously, should remind himself of the previous question: does anyone seriously think that the idiots would be so blatant as to demand that we submit to a nudie pic or bodily fondling just to travel within our own borders?

What, you didn't know that was the previous question? Yeah, I didn't either. It was so ridiculous it never even crossed my mind. And yet here we are.

"Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities." Remember Voltaire's words as you observe the official legitimizing of the absurd unfold. Official apologias from the state and its sycophants, court malfeasences, witch-hunting of the dissenters, and millions of people who will do nothing "when they come for the air travelers".

This is not an aberration of the system. This IS the system.

Defender said...

You're going to LOVE this one. Bladder cancer survivor with a urine-collection bag. They wouldn't listen. You can imagine what happened.
They don't have TIME to listen. They "don't have anyplace private to take you to violate you. They have an excuse for every bit of humiliation they inflict.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Pat. The fed's Ft. Sumpter. Couple that with the passage of S105, the internet assault and we got us a casus belli triple header. Ohhhhhhhh I hope this is IT.

DB said...

Here's Penn jillette from 2002 i believe on TSA groping. I think we could all learn a thing or two from his encounter. Call the local PD and file charges!

Anonymous said...

TSA = Michael Jackson wannabes


Hassan Derka Derka said...

Now, there are some who advocate things like letting the air out of a few tires to show displeasure for the KGB perverts; some have suggested getting their names and adding them to sodomite and kiddie-love mailing lists. Some have suggested other campaigns directed at exhorting the individual KGB agents to change their ways and live like human beings, such as putting signs up, surreptitiously,
in front of their homes to let passers by know that registered sex offenders or sexual predators live there. As to the question of legality, let us ask: would these simple actions of protest be any more illegal than dumping His Majesty's tea into a harbor or driving his revenue agents out of town in tar and feathers?
And even if one does things which are patently illegal, would that not cause one to be hired as a tenured professor, like the depraved and unrepentant murderers Dohrn and Ayers?
Let our creativity not be stifled by quibbling questions of selectively enforced law, but let us emulate Obambi and his toadies and simply 'deem' those laws to no longer be in force.

Anonymous said...

The Big "O" gives us the finger. Again. Are we really surprised?

"This is necessary (for your slave training)":


Congress is exempt from the naked porno scanners:

Anonymous said...

Maybe "Opt-Out Day" should be followed by "Smash the Porno Scanners Day"...

Anonymous said...

Anon, November 20, 2010 9:24 AM:

Hell. They KNOW it will stand up in Kourt.