Friday, November 12, 2010

David Codrea on the Airsoft reversal.


By the way, I have a buddy who has studied the ATF at close range for many years. This is the FIRST TIME he can remember that a ruling has been issued and then rescinded. Exploding cigar indeed.


Anonymous said...

I am painfully aware of another, oops we changed our mind A.T.F ruling.American Tactical Imports had been given the good to go ruling on the German Sports Gun
MP-5 clone, SD model,16" barrel,with a single chamber thread on over the barrel fake suppresor.A year later, after thousands had been sold, the A.T.F discovers that with a hacksaw and some sub-sonic ammo you have a barely, if any, "quieter" form of 22lr.A.T.F changes the rules and orders A.T.I to recall [ at A.T.I's expense of course] and replace all S.D. model fake suppresor's with a "new design" that the A.T.F wizards conjured up.
If they keep on the course of "anything that anybody with tools,a brain,and the stones to use'em can change it into something the A.T.F dont like" things are going to get ugly FAST !!!
Shane M.Ross IIIper

Divemedic said...

Your buddy has a short memory:
The "shoestring is a machine gun" ruling was rescinded.
The Akins accelerator was approved and then rescinded.