Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Lawrence O'Donnell outs himself as a socialist and says all firearms should be banned.

Well, we always knew that anyway.

‘We [MSNBC] Are Not A Political Operation. Fox Is.’ -- Rachel Maddow



miss şizoid said...

I'm agree with him.

Anonymous said...

‘We [MSNBC] Are Not A Political Operation...."

Since when? The only thing they like are people like them, who think like them, act like them, vote like them, speak like them, hate like them and are megalomaniac control freak leftists, like them.

Did I mention that at least one of them openly confesses to being a "socialist"? Using the scale that everything is at least one degree worse than you think it is, that means that everybody there is a socialist and he is really a communist..... Maybe that's two degrees worse. I really think that they're all commies over there.

They sure as hell over-helped one get elected to the presidency, That's right I said it! (thanks Mark)

Defender said...

85% of journalists identify themselves as liberal. And that's just the ones who realize that Far Left is not Center.

J. Croft said...

Like I give a damn what they think...

Well if he wants all firearms banned can we start with the government's?

Dedicated_Dad said...

When guns are outlawed...

I reckon we'll all be outlaws.

BTW: this thread already has more comments than BSNBC has viewers.

Anonymous said...

Come and get them.

Anonymous said...

Watching the entire video, I can't help but commend him for his pragmatism.

Roughly paraphrased:
"I want to ban all guns, but that will never happen because this country is 41% conservative and 20% liberal."

He believes in socialist ideals, but understands that what he wants will never, EVER happen.

He made good points, and hammered the other lunatic that was claiming this was a great victory for progressives.

Bad Cyborg said...

Ya know? Sometimes I think maybe Tailgunner Joe wasn't so far off the mark after all. That a talking head on a major cable news service could - PROUDLY!! - announce that he is a SOCIALIST (for goodness sake!) and nobody bat an eye shows how far off the reservation this nation has traveled.

But you gotta say ONE thing for Mr. O'Donnell. At least he is an honest rogue.

Bad Cyborg X

Anonymous said...

I think he's right that the only way the Democratic party can win is through the appropriation of certain "well, I don't know about that guys" types from "country class" places in the country. He understands and realizes that party-line Democrats are something that a rational voter would not say "yes" to.

When you look at either party, they're both inconsistent in this regard. The GOP has the religious right/you can do whatever you like to my civil liberties so long as you kill Muslims/abortion is the most important thing to me EVER types shotgun-wedded to the small/no government crowd. The Democratic party has its insane, confiscatory, murderous universal totalitarian state half and the good ol' boy, "he's just looking out for us", "labor" half which is also very socially conservative.