Thursday, November 18, 2010

TSA Pervert Caption Contest, Plus, Homintern functionary Tyrrell doesn't object being groped by another man. Duh.

A great image for a caption contest.

TSA pervert gropes his way to a paycheck.

Plus, member of the Homintern and editor in chief of The American Spectator, R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr., wants to be groped by another man and makes fun of those who'd rather not, proclaiming, "Pat me! Pat me!"

Well, there's a surprise.


And here's Pete's National Opt-Out Day Suggestions.


Anonymous said...

"Hang on. Its stuck. On 3. 1....2...."

Anonymous said...

As a free man I have a right to travel wherever and however I wish. I am also afforded 4th Amendment protections which are being violated by TSA through their own admission.

What really irks me about all this is the fact I must choose not to fly simply to avoid violation of my rights. Just how far am I willing to go to avoid that?

Next January I had planned to take a 6-hour non-stop flight across the country and enjoy a nice nap while in transit. Instead, I will be driving it myself, a total of 27 hours of driving time. Given I'll be driving in the dead of winter chances are the trip will take longer due to snow and ice.
The trip will be further prolonged by at least one overnight motel stay, maybe two depending on conditions and my stress level. In the end, we'll arrive at our destination after about 40-45 hours on the road. Ditto for the return trip home.

Eighty to ninety hours of total driving time versus twelve hours of flying time. Will it be worth it? To prevent a tyrant from violating my rights, yes!

Yet, what are the consequences of people like me being so defiant about this? Soon all airlines are going to be suffering from lack of customers thanks to the TSA. They will jack up fares to offset their losses, but then even fewer will choose to fly. They will then get a taxpayer-funded government bailout to prevent bankruptcy.

This is a lose-lose situation no matter how you look at it.

Anonymous said...

Hold still, please. The scanner showed an unrealistically large object in your trousers, I need to be certain that you are not smuggling contraband.


Anonymous said...

Do you have a male doctor? Does he ever physically examine you? Or do you consider that too perversion and homoerotic? Go ahead and forego 'groping' by your doctor b/c of your pathetic 17th century worldview; when you develop cancer or some other serious illness as a result, do be sure to let everyone know how your moral principles worked out for you.

WarriorClass said...

Remember, while the TSA is feeling you up, the banksters and Federal government are picking your pocket:


Anonymous said...

Turn your head and cough. . . .
Oh. wrong opening. Sorry. Well, just go ahead and do it anyway.

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

And yet my poor deluded brother, his lovely, and yes she is lovely, wife plus my two small nephews see absolutely ZERO wrong with this invasion of privacy. Talk about two sides of a coin. They will of course be flying to FL for the holiday coming up. Any thoughts on how to wake folks up? I sure don't, they seem blind and deaf, just like in the Bible.
Wayne B.

Anonymous said...

R.Emmett Tyrell's publication just lost this reader. So long knucklehead, hope you enjoy many gropes to come.

blackdog said...

If you have an erection lasting four hours or more; see a TSA. official immediately.

blackdog said...

Welcome to the friendly skies!

Defender said...

Caption: "Nope, nothing here. ABSOLUTELY nothing."

Tyrell is another of those who think being presumed a terrorist until proven to be unarmed is only a minor inconvenience. His Ameriika is not MY America. He IS correct, though, the part about if we SURRENDER our freedoms we no longer have to worry about LOSING them.
I'll use my 18-year-old granddaughter as a reference. Never been on a plane. Her first flight was as an enlisted Navy sailor, to boot camp, where she'll learn to defend her country. Oh, I bet the TSA LOVED doing her, for sure. She could have had a career as a model.
But on the other hand, when I broached the subject of illegal orders, she said she would "follow them anyway. Following orders is my JOB." So I'm sure she didn't mind a little "sonderhandlung," German for "special handling."
I wasn't allowed much influence when she was growing up. He mom's father was a cop, and kind of like the control-freak husband in "Sleeping With the Enemy."
Her 13-year-old sister and I were at the pool the other day. I remarked that it was four feet deep on each end and four and a half in the middle. She corrected me. "It says four POINT FIVE," not four and a HALF." Looked REALLY surprised when I explained that it was the same thing.
Public schools and parental apathy. Voters of tomorrow. Diversity before decimals. Time to rehearse the Kwanzaa and Eid songs for the Winter Concert.

Anonymous said...

"Lots of carbon scoring in here both have seen a lot of action."


Legal Alien said...

Caption contest . . .. .

"Cough for me please mr Tyrrell"

Dick Flaccid said...

"Ooooh, that's a NICE one!"
"Hey, Ed, be sure to send a copy of this one to Barney and Rahm."
"Can I buy you a drink when you get back?"

My suggestion - get the names, and look up addresses, of at least ONE TSA pervert at each trip to the airport. Post it on your local online sex offender's registry, using a library computer, and when you have their address, as long as you're online, sign them up for subscriptions to various pervert dating services, apply them for NAMBLA membership.
And smile.

Anonymous said...

"As soon as I get done milking this teet, I'll dig for gold on the other side!"

Teke said...

Turn your head and cough.

This is part of the new Healtcare bill. It cobines TSA airport screening and medical screening into one process. Next is the prostate check. Sir Please drop your pants and bend over.

The Snide Atheist said...

What being a high school drop-out qualifies you to do.

Anonymous said...

And now ladies and gentlemen, as you are selected for the "enhanced patdown" please remember to tip your TSA agent if they provide you with a "happy ending!"

Left Coast Rebel said...

Everybody, I have a caption contest going too add your captions!

Phil Yooup said...

"Yes sir, my job IS fun. I'm having a ball!"

Son of Liberty said...

A call to all modern sons of liberty:

Get it hard before going through the screeners! FTW!!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 7:50 AM:

Being examined by a doctor is something I can choose to do and it would be done in private. The purpose would be to discover naturally-occurring physical abnormalities (tumors, lesions, etc) or man-made sources of specific medical complaints (bullets, splinters, etc); both of which may require further medical treatment to cure. At any point I can put limitations on the examination or stop it entirely and walk away. Such an examination does not violate the 4th Amendment.

The TSA, on the other hand, is looking for something hidden on my body. For this reason it is a search, not an examination. They conduct their search in public and is in direct violation of the 4th Amendment concerning unreasonable search and seizure. Without probable cause, they cannot conduct a search, yet they do it anyway. Further, I cannot simply walk away from their search unless I want to risk setting off alarms, being tackled, detained, or arrested, or facing a $10,000 civil fine for leaving the security area.

Anonymous said...

I am sick of hearing the fools who say "if you don't want to be searched, don't fly". I say we are a nation of cowards.

Richard Reid (Shoe Bomber) prompted the forced removal of shoes. Then the "Underwear Bomber" prompted body scans and forced molestation. Well there have been terrorists who have inserted explosives in their rectums. What's next "colonoscopies" to prevent that?

Are Americans such cowards that they have to submit to government in order to prevent anything from happening to them? Life carries risk. A life devoid of risk is a cowardly, vacant non-existence. What have we become?

W W Woodward said...

Not fricking funny! I refuse to be searched, pat or otherwise, in order to exercise my right to free movement to exercise my right to free association. Fear of being groped by another human is not an element of my decision.

I refuse to fly if, to do so, I must relinquish my rights protected by the 4th Amendment.

Texas jail inmates are afforded more dignity and respect than are free Americans in airports.


J. Croft said...

Beats turning tricks

Anonymous said...

See, if the TSA was smart, they'd hire the hottest bombshell models for "groping." Men would be lining the airports and every flight would be sold out.

Bad Cyborg said...

Anon. November 18, 2010 7:50 AM, Yes I do have a male Dr. and he puts on a glove and probes my anus for my prostate. No homoerotic nonsense there. I DID, at one time, have a female doctor. Quite attractive lady, in fact. And when she did my physical the little soldier started to come to attention. Then she stuck her finger up my ass. Little soldier instantly went to general rest position. But when my junk DID react neither of us said anything.

Of course it is a far different thing to be examined - with your express permission and in privacy - by a medical professional than it is to be be groped by some TSA moke - or mokette.

I just wish folks would start asking the TSA person frisking them "Was it good for you, too?" when they are done.

Bad Cyborg X

Unknown said...

I don't intend to fly again. But in case of a real emergency, if I have to fly, I'm going to strip to my long leg briefs while in the line and make as big a scene as possible without giving the assholes the chance to arrest/fine me. Watch the below Youtube video.

DB said...

I say we all start strapping large dildo's to our legs (women especially). That will give the TSA agents a bit of a shock!

Gaviota said...

Mike, why do you tolerate the troll? I'm all for honest, even energetic debate about philosophy, standards, principles, and facts, but all this troll brings is ad hominem, sarcasm, and mockery. He's utterly unable express his disagreements without being disagreeable. He's never exhibited any kind of common courtesy or civility, and he's expressly wished for harm to befall us.

He's not worth the time. Spare me, will you please? Just don't bother to approve him unless he brings something of value to the table.

Anonymous said...

two by two hands of blue.

Kyle Bennett said...

It's not really a caption, but I'm seeing a thought bubble above the TSA guy's head with a picture of a shirtless David Hasselfoff in it.

Blue said...

"Hey, big boy"

Blue said...

Seriously though.... I get on a plane at my local Regional Airport and go through the same screening as always. Take off my shoes, remove things from my pockets, open my laptop, and walk through the metal detector. I then get on my flight into a major hub, say Minneapolis-St. Paul, with no more screening. I proceed to board a big plane to Orlando and then onto another commuter to Lakeland. Again, no more screening anywhere. When I return home I go through the same screening process in Lakeland as I did at my local airport and then board the commuter to Orlando, the big jet to MSP, and then another commuter home. No one puts me through a full body scanner and no one gropes me. I don't like this screening process because I feel it's an unnecessary intrusion but it's minimal and takes about a minute. Curiously, if I had begun my flight at MSP or Orlando, and flew on the same plane to the same destination, I would have been subjected to the full Gestapo search. How "safe" would all the passengers who were subjected to the full treatment feel if they were thoughtful enough to realize that a large number of the folks on the plane with them didn't go through the same thorough search as they did? The whole thing is a fraud designed solely to increase government employment in major metropolitan areas and exercise control over the citizenry. Anyone who believes otherwise has a poopbox thats full. Just my opinion. :)

Defender said...

You ARE being heard! Some airports are thinking about getting rid of TSA probers and hiring private security screeners, who would have an incentive to be polite, considerate and as uninvasive as possible.

Defender said...

Entertainer Penn Gillette makes life interesting for Las Vegas TSA.

I bet they get mentioned on his Showtime show "Bullsh--!"

Bruce Krafft said...

Caption: Say, you baggage handlers sure have nice uniforms!

Anonymous said...

And so the TSA blunders on, never ahead of the curve based on any (espionage) intelligence, but always one step behind, based on the last terrorist incident.

And since 9/11, all the muzzie terrorist airplane attempts originated overseas, NOT within the US.

SAYYYY, now THERE'S an idea. Station all the TSA overseas, and let them pat down, peep show and strip search all the people coming to the US. (let's see how long they last in THAT situation). And leave the rest of us within the US alone.

B Woodman
wv: escapti

David III said...

TSA: "You don't have a little brother do you?"

Anonymous said...

"Look fella, I can only do this for a few seconds, so enjoy it fast".

Not quite as sick as the egregious violation of the 4th. If a cop did that to folks they stopped/contacted, even if a felony stop, they would be arrested for FEDERAL violation of civil rights, sexual battery, sued civily and likely fired from the force.

To those of you who have decided to join the rest of us who refuse to fly since approx 9/11, Congratulations on taking $$ out of the hands of the airlines. Yes, it costs more, but it's worth it. I was pulled aside like a criminal in '03 because I refused to take my shoes off (I passed the magnetometer test), had my belongings spread out on a side table, was wanded, patted down, lectured, ect. Shocked and humiliated, I vowed never to voluntarily do it again.

Freedom costs more than convenience. Some trips get cut short, and some don't get taken, or get taken closer to base camp simply due to time. Rather than staying in motels, we now RV it-year around. A bit trickier in winter, but it's a fun challenge. Much more fun, my own bed at night, my own food, etc. My only regret is wishing I'd done it that much sooner. -And if done right, absolutely no trace of me going, coming or having been there. Practicing 'Leave No Trace' has it's benefits. =)

And to those that have yet to get it (if your job requires it, find another job), you'll end up in cattle cars or diesel therapy and wonder how it happened...

Bob Katt

Frank Sauer said...

"Hi, my name is Dave, and I'm a testical squeezer"

"Hi, Dave"
from a Testical Squeezers Anonymous meeting.

Kyle Bennett said...

As per my comment above: