Tuesday, November 16, 2010

More power and media face time for Schumer.

Reid creates special job for Schumer, from Politico.com.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid plans to overhaul the Senate Democratic leadership next year, handing New York Senator Chuck Schumer an expanded role spearheading the party's messaging efforts ... As a result, he said, the Senate leadership will unite its policy arm with its communications center into a "joint operation" run by Schumer.


JimboLowerEastSide said...

Being a New Yorker, I know what this fraud is all about. I really despise this Shmuck Shooomer. Dreck! I know someone that use to drive this jerk around. He said that he is a real nut job and behind closed doors he is a foul mouthed bigot. He is so glad he retired from driving this bum around.

ParaPacem said...

@Jimbo -
the nephew of an old friend of mine actually came close to being hired as a privately contracted bodyguard for Schmucky and told his uncle that after just talking with the guy for five minutes, he withdrew his application and decided the guy was a total arsehole.
But I guess most of us could have told him that up front.

Bad Cyborg said...

Do we need any more evidence that the stupid bastards on the left JUST DON'T GET IT?!?!??

I heard this meme on election night. The talking heads started saying that the problem was that the Dumb-bastard-crats' biggest problem was that they failed to get their message out. NO!!! They got their message out just fine. We the People just didn't buy their bullshit.

I am reminded of Regan's great line "the trouble with our liberal friends is not that they are ignorant, but that they know so much that isn’t so.”

Lincoln is alleged once to have said "You may fool all the people some of the time, you can even fool some of the people all of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all the time." but the reality is that to stay in office, a politician NEVER has to fool ALL the people ANY of the time. All they have to do is fool ENOUGH of the people ENOUGH of the time. Clearly 60 House and 8 Senate Dumb-bastard-crats failed to meet the standard. We can only hope that more of them fail in 2012.

Bad Cyborg X
The Dumb-bastard-crats can bury their heads in the sand all they want. It just makes their assas better targets.

Defender said...

NWO shill neocon Republican Colin Powell, -- Army general and former Secretary of State Colin Powell -- on Larry King, said he has realized since the election that this Tea Party thing apparently isn't a fad and isn't going away, and will need to be dealt with. That was last night, I believe.
No, they DON'T get it, neither the Ds nor the Rs. Where conservatives replaced socialists, it's 'cause people are just ignorant, that's all. A little re-education is all that's needed, they have told us in so many words.
I was among the 7% who wanted to change the three-decade status quo by electing the Tea Party conservative in my congressional district. So vote, if it makes you feel better.

Erudite Hillbilly said...

Every time I see this guy I remember him during the "hearings" on Waco and how he went out of his way to prevent any "disparaging" remarks made about the murderers put upon the Davidians by his puppet masters. The man is pure evil with no conscience. He's got them evil, soulless eyes the salty old mariner on Jaws describes.

Pat H. said...

It's hard to believe that the Democrat Party is stupid enough to appoint Schumer to anything.

But they have.

Let's make the most of it, for like Obama, Schumer is one of our best weapons.

Anonymous said...

Schumer....do we MF him ? Or do we MF the leftist voters in NY State who have kept him in his elected position of royalty all these years ?

I MF the citizens who re-elect him and those who don't care enough about their community and country to vote at all.

Screw the citizens of NY State ! They're the problem. NOT Schumer.


Dedicated_Dad said...

"Dan III" gets right to the point IMHO.

It's long past time we began treating com-symps as they deserve to be treated. These people are The Enemy - and a MUCH greater risk to our Republic than any "terrorist."

Shun them socially - flatly refuse to interact with anyone you know to .
Refuse to do business with them - or with anyone who hires them, any business who donates to leftard campaigns or causes. Refusing to WORK for such insane corporations is also a given!

In short, we must make it unpleasant and painful to suborn the destruction of our Republic.

Yes - you'll lose "friends" -- BFD. How could any parent befriend someone whose goal was the robbing of your children's birthright, corruption of their morals -- their literal enslavement?

Yes - you'll be called some ugly names. "Sticks and Stones" -- remember?

IF we are to succeed, we must also declare open, total war on "political correctness" as well. This is the best weapon The Enemy has, as it instantly shuts down any rational debate for fear of the risk of giving offense to the chronically offended.

If you cannot handle the ramifications of these minor steps, you'll NEVER be able to conduct a genuine fight, and thus should simply surrender now and accept whatever they decide to give you.