Thursday, November 18, 2010

"F.B.I. Seeks Wider Wiretap Law for Web" Gestapo Mueller visits Silicon Valley. Companies mum on what he had to say.

Always it is about more and more power.

Robert S. Mueller III, the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, traveled to Silicon Valley on Tuesday to meet with top executives of several technology firms about a proposal to make it easier to wiretap Internet users. . . The Commerce Department and State Department have questioned whether it would inhibit innovation, as well as whether repressive regimes might harness the same capabilities to identify political dissidents, according to officials familiar with the discussions.

"Repressive regimes might harness the same capabilities to identify political dissidents." Repressive regimes, uh, you mean like the FBI?


Anonymous said...

Now why would they feel the need to do something like that?

j said...

I recall during the clintonista years when the feebies introduced a new programs called 'carnivore' which enabled them to intercept and alter, massive numbers of email between individuals or groups.
I was working with a group which helped Native Americans in need at that time and in order to stir some internal dissent, they altered some email to make it seem that the senders were closet racists, or were stealing funds. Unfortunately for them we all knew the individuals - one was my adopted Cherokee brother - and we all knew them to be above all reproach and men of valor and honor, one of them a retired USMC vet. So their antics are not new.

W W Woodward said...

Like the Germans of the early 1930's said, "It can't happen here, can it?"

Bad Cyborg said...

So I suppose that if we want to get together to (as Barry Fitzgerald's character put it in "The Quiet Man") "talk a little treason" we'd best not put that in our subject lines. That or we have to use VOIP on circuits set up on the fly. Can't tap a line they don't know about.

Big Brother just got a tad bigger.

Bad Cyborg X