Friday, November 19, 2010

TSA mindless tyranny extends to returning soldiers.

Another TSA "Because I Say So" Outrage.


Defender said...

You KNOW word of this will get around. It will help our troops understand their employer a little better.
Have you heard that a phone company is taking donations to help pay for deployed troops to CALL HOME? They have to PAY?
I hear USO commercials about how the USO provides cold drinks, soap, shampoo, reading material and other comfort items to those stationed abroad. Not the military branches themselves.
Thank you for your service, huh?

Dedicated_Dad said...

The stoopid...

It BUuuuuuurns!!


Unknown said...

A similar incident happened it the Atlanta airport when my son's unit, all infantry, all heavily armed were returning from their 15 month tour of duty in Iraq. The TSA weenie tried to make them go through the whole inspection deal when they were disembarked there enroute to their military base. A shouting match ensued during which the brigade commander, a full colonel went nose to nose with the TSA airport manager.

The TSA backed down when the COL threatened to turn his troops loos on the airport.

The TSA very much reminds me of the brown shirts of pre-nazi Germany. Thugs and pimps working on behalf of their "leader;" "prince obama the first and last".

We keep edging closer and closer to the precipice. Little do they know what awaits them.

Anonymous said...

And people wonder whose side they military will be on.

Dennis308 said...

For several months after 9/11 I was flying with a metal bodied ink pen(similar to the type made by Cross)in my shirt pocket and did not have any problems and I keep flying until the pen ran out off ink and I could not find a refill cartridge for it.

I am no longer flying back and forth to work as I have been lucky enough to find a new Job closer to home that makes flying unnecessary.

This is another fine example of the(lack of)intelligence factor of Burocrats in general and TSA in paticular.


Anonymous said...

I am quickly coming to understand that TSA is shorthand for To Stupid for Any other work.


kenlowder said...

Let me see the logic here. I can carry an unloaded rifle and pistol unto the plane? I can't carry nail clippers as I could take it over? All the while the unarmed, highly trained in physical combat troops cower in fear?

blah said...

Just thinking out loud, but I don't think this is an original thought....What would be the legal ramifications if some Threepers decided to figure out at their local airports where these guys parked and placed stickers on their bumpers similar to the Oleg Volk TSA grope picture? Other stickers could include "Certified TSA Child Molester", "TSA Employee: Proudly doing whatever we please to whomever we please". Maybe we could make a new favorite past-time like the teens of Winston County in Absolved who like to "pin the tail on the Fed". Just curious...

Bad Cyborg said...

Land o' the free an' home o' the brave.

Says so right here on the label.

Bad Cyborg X

Defender said...

It's reported that House Speaker-to-be Boehner cheerfully accepted the invitation to walk to the head of the line and AROUND the scanners and gropers.
Starting early.

Anonymous said...

So an unloaded/empty rifle has no utility as a weapon...according to the TSA flunkies and related Gestapo-ish goons. Good to know.